According to reports the Canale dinner was an almost flop as many of the past year's attendee were not present this year. This event has usually been an exclusive republican event.

Who did attend in their place?
Well, Mr. and Mrs. James Langan attended, but afterall, he did advertise the event in his paper.
Hyde Park Demacratic Committee's Treasurer, Michael Dupree.
John and Gloria Golden who are supporters of the Democrats.
Other known democrats  were in attendence that attended Walt Doyle's victory party.
At an event usually well attended by HP republicans, this was not the case as supposedly Jean McArthur had to call in  political IOU's from other town republican committees in order to fill in the gaply attendence.

Also noted was that Jean McArthur, not known for her eloquent and articulate speaking skills was the MC. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't Butch Anderson usually the MC at most Republican events. Where was Butch? I'm sure he was missed given his humor and wit that attendees look forward too. Instead they got 'Uhhhhs' and her usual blustery speech. How disapointing.

Speculation is that the Hyde Park Republicans have lost control of their own committee when they have resorted inviting democrats to a traditionally republican event.

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