According to reports the Canale dinner was an almost flop as many of the past year's attendee were not present this year. This event has usually been an exclusive republican event.

Who did attend in their place?
Well, Mr. and Mrs. James Langan attended, but afterall, he did advertise the event in his paper.
Hyde Park Demacratic Committee's Treasurer, Michael Dupree.
John and Gloria Golden who are supporters of the Democrats.
Other known democrats  were in attendence that attended Walt Doyle's victory party.
At an event usually well attended by HP republicans, this was not the case as supposedly Jean McArthur had to call in  political IOU's from other town republican committees in order to fill in the gaply attendence.

Also noted was that Jean McArthur, not known for her eloquent and articulate speaking skills was the MC. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't Butch Anderson usually the MC at most Republican events. Where was Butch? I'm sure he was missed given his humor and wit that attendees look forward too. Instead they got 'Uhhhhs' and her usual blustery speech. How disapointing.

Speculation is that the Hyde Park Republicans have lost control of their own committee when they have resorted inviting democrats to a traditionally republican event.

Walt Doyle was the most recent recipient of the Angelo Cananle award, given to those that best reflect
republican 'values' on the behalf of the party, on October 13, 2011. My question is, what kind of values are those?

Let us take a futher look into the 'republican values' that Mr. Doyle has exemplified.

1)Mr. Doyle caucused with the Democratic party in the 2009 election. While this is not against the law, it does violate election law if you are on a town committethat could result it in removal from a town committee if charges are filed. Mr. Doyle is  a member of the HP Republican Town Commmittee was not removed because charges were not filed.

2) Mr. Doyle campaigned with Pompey Delafield in 2005/2007 and is featured in campaign photos with the Democrats.

3) Mr. Doyle campaigned with the democratic town clerk candidate Melissa Milligan in 2009 (he's also the godfather to her child)

4)Mr. Doyle was found to violate town procedures and policies by making purchases first and having them authorized later per the 2006 audit. This was identified and recommended by the auditors that this be corrected asap.

4)Mr. Doyle did not follow the auditors recommendations and continued with the violations that were later identified by Tom Martino.  The town couldn't pay invoices for purchases that were not authorized.

5) Which leads to his temper tantrums at Town Board meetings. The headline of 'I Don't Lie Like All You People' in the January 26, 2011 edition summarized the outburst that Walt Doyle displayed which included the following:  'When Martino, assisted by Councilman Michael Taylor, attempted to spin the failure to pay the bills in a timely fashion, a frustrated Doyle said, “I tell the truth. I don’t lie like all you people.” Before leaving, Doyle challenged the board, “If you’ve got something to say, say it now before I leave.”
This was apparently a rouse orchestrated and backed by Jim Langan to discredit Tom Martino, because according to rumor, Walt Doyle is rather scared of Tom Martino.  Reports say that he would rather allow his employees to work in a non-heated building than talk to Tom Martino via telephone or in person to request the boiler be repaired. Do note the boiler repair has seen been made (not requested by Walt Doyle)  and the highway department employees won't have to fear b frostbite this upcoming winter.

6) Upon his victory in the 2009 election, Mr. Doyle hosted a victory part at Coppola's in Hyde Park. None of his running mates were invited, but rather his Democrat allies were in attendence in celebration.

So this is what Republican 'values' are. Disloyalty to your party, public outbursts and violating town procuration procedures. He's a great asset to the party.

It can be presumed that the party really had to scape the bottom of the barrel for this one. Pickings must have been really slim, eh?

How many of the republican readers feel like ripping up your voter registration card?