Jim Langan likes to twist the truth to benefit his political allies, as he has done so many times with Sue Serino and Jean McArthur. In this week's edition, he does it with Walt Doye as he writes:

Hyde Park Supervisor Tom Martino made it clear Monday night he hasn’t quite gotten into the holiday spirit. 
In  what is likely to be one of the last town board meetings on his watch, Martino  lost his composure a number of times on a variety of issues. 
 Among the resolutions up for  consideration were ones dealing with re-zoning on Route 9G, the apprentice  program, towing restrictions and cutting health-care benefits for elected  officials. 
With the incoming  town board in attendance, most members of the public suggested these resolutions  be tabled and left for the new board to decide.But it was the attempt to cut the existing health coverage for  Highway Superintendent Walt Doyle that triggered the fireworks. It should be  noted this same board voted to cut Doyle’s salary by $5,000 earlier this year in  a thinly disguised retaliation for Doyle’s criticism of Martino for not paying  the Highway Department bills.The resolution cuts  health insurance coverage for the spouses of elected
officials. Full story in  print.

Jim forgot to mention in his abstract that Walt Doyle came up to the podium and became rather...difficult. But then again what would you expect from someone whom,  stemming from a rather difficult experience as a high school doofus who was picked upon ferociously, vents his fustrations by lashing out on others who he thinks are 'picking' on him. Mr. Martino's comment of him being with the town 24 years too long is rather amusing. Let's roll to the tape and witness his temper tantrum.