Just an additional note I want to add:

1) Jim Langan claims his lawn was destroyed, his car was keyed at Town Hall and his home was attempted to be burglarized, then why did he not file police reports?

2) If he was 'assaulted' then why didn't he include this in the police report?

3) He states this is a smear campaign against him and politcal allies. This is simply bring to light public information. Jim's attempts to supress public information is futile.
The HV News is fast becoming a hot mess, dedicated to Jim Langan's hatred and obsession for Tom Martino and family.  This past week's edition featured his most recent untruth of the 'attack' both he and his wife endured by Tom and William Martino in broad daylight in front of the Hyde Park Jewelers. Fearing for their lives, Jim raced to the Hyde Park Police Department to complain that both Martino's were being mean to him. He also stressed that the senior Martino seemed to be enjoying that his son made the comment, 'I may be a loser, but you're a thief' and then proceded to toss spare change in his direction. Reports say that as Jim and the Mrs. were attempting to pullout into the Rt. 9 which was heavy with traffice, William stood and waved to Jim, bidding him goodbye.

Only in the world of Jim Langan can a confrontation of one man calling another man a 'thief' be front page headlines. Funny that this 'incident' wasn't reported in the Poughkeepsie Journal or any other legitimate periodicle.

Interested in what Jim printed, I went to the local store to read his latest edition (I won't shell out the dollar to purchase one)There it was, The HV News, located in the dark corner of the bottom shelf. Despite the eye grabbing headlines, there was still a stack of papers left. Jim Langan devoted three pages to this confrontation which probably lasted all of 90 seconds. The article was written like a play by play, but he excluded the language (which included 'thief') that William Martino directed towards him. 

Jim also dedicated his 'Usually Lying' blog to Tom Martino and the 'unjustice' that he has inflicted on the persons of Joanne Lown, Don Goddard, Joe Kakish and Sue Serino. Jim Langan has deified these individuals depite the controversies surrounding their persons. (Bird of a feather?)

1) Sue Serino has missed more town board meeting than all the members combined. She has abstained and voted against resolutions because she was unprepared for the meeting(s) which is on records in meeting minutes. Her only viable achievment as a town board members is that she 'stood up' up to the other town board members.

2) Joanne Lown, the former bookkeeper was identified by the 2006 as well as the most recent audit of keeping inaccurate financial records. But somehow this is okay by Jim Langan, most likely because he too, isn't a whiz with the finances. The 2009 audit should be made public soon and when it does, I will secure a copy and post it for all can see.

3) Don Goddard, the former provision chief, who according to rumor had minor meltdowns in which he stated he 'couldn't handle' his job. He stated in his lawsuit against the town that he endures public humiliation, depression, anxiety and has been 'rendered sick and sore.'  

4) Joe Kakish, who Jim Langan raved about in this week's paper has a) falsely stated he is an attorney in newspaper articles b) has over $100 K in judgements on file against him and his cousin-wife c) failed the bar exam in his most recent attempt and alledgedly lied about a few of the organizations he claims membership to. He also stated in the interview with the PoJo that he didn't know the goings on in the town when asked about the possibility of sharing services with other municipalities.

Jim Langan is not known for his kindness, and in fact, when several individuals came to Town Hall meetings and spoke in favor of the policies of the current Town Board he later found them, confronted and harrassed them, some of which were older adults. This is a man who will resort to using bully and goon tactics (much like that other well known couple in town) when one doesn't agree with this opinion. Not only does he resort to using these tactics, but both him and his wife appear to have nearly bankupted themselves by publishing their attempts to discredit and destroy certain individuals.

He even went on to attack this website calling it a smear caampaign. While some of the humor presented is tongue in cheek, it was created to reveal to its readers (with documentation) truths and provide information that would provide the 'other side' to the story.

If Jim Langan was a reputable journalist, while he may not agree with other points of view, he should respect the motivation to publish this blog and the information provided.

However, on a more serious matter, with the amount of energy Jim Langan has spent over the past two years attacking the town board, specifically Tom Martino and his denial to admitting that he stole (stealing is stealing, 1980 or 2011), perhaps it is time he seeks professional help as it seems to be slowly destroying him, not to mention that he displays sociopathic traits. Jim appears to possess several of the traits listed on the following website. http://www.sociopathicstyle.com/traits/classic.htm