James Langan, aka the Thief of Hyde Park wants to provide his opinion on his take on the current supervsior, Mr. Martino.

I find his comments rather interesting, calling Mr. Martino 'angry' and 'secretive.' This is coming from an individual that spent most of his time, money and energy focused on undermining the current town board over the past twenty months. Below are some examples of his front pages, quite apparent this man has rage that is expressed through his weekly paper. Apparently this 'rage' was ignited when the Town Board, with the exception of Ms. Serino voted against appointing him to to the Police Advisory  Committee (imagine a thief being appointed as a police commissioner!?). And let us not forget his secret past of embezzlment and his apparent disappearance from public when his thieving past was disclosed. His comment that Mr. Martino has destroyed reputations by engaging in bizarre and disturbing personal attacks is ironic given that Mr. Langan was the writer of The Morton Downey Jr. Show, a talk show that focused on revile between the guests. His actions of stealing the savings  from his clients, those that placed trust in him,  destroyed their confidence in someone who was supposed to have their best interests in mind. Obviously this is a man who has no atonement for his past misdeeds.

Within his editorial he points out that Mr. Martino was a political unknown when he was endorsed as a candidate in 2009. Need I stress that Mr. Kakish is a political unknown as well. Mr. Kakish, up until he was endorsed by the party never attended a town board meeting or partake in the voting process since his residency as a Hyde Park voter in 2004. According to souces, Mr. Kakish was never vetted when he was endorsed either. He serves just as a warm body to fill a position that the party wants control of. If the party truly did care, they would not endorse an individual is currently unemployed living off his family,  has a history of credit card deliquency, car repossession, and failing the bar exam twice.  An individual with such a history is a LIABILITY to any political party. Look at such candidates such as Gary Hart, Van Jones  and Kimba Woods who have had discretions of hiring illegal aliens, engaging in extramartial affairs and  making controversial statements.  It can be wise to say that Charles Rangel's career will never recover from his ethical violations. 

Using your critical thinking skills, why would the Hyde Park Republican Party have difficulties finding an individual within the party to run as supervisor? Perhaps the reason why the Hyde Park Republican Party has to seek out political unknowns may be due to the difficult nature of the party leadership and the conflicts that arise when one becomes involved with the party.  Mr. Martino and the rest of the town board (sans Ms. Serino) have stated that they experienced difficulties with the party leadership shortly after taking office. Other republicans that were involved with town politics have  jumped shipped when they were allegedly subject to  threats and harrassment. Attend a Republican Party fundraiser and it is evident that the party lacks a strong foundation of involved members that are aware of local issues. Those that have defied the party leadership were quick to discover that the party leadership would be willing to destroy their personal lives. On a personal basis, I know of several individuals who had a disagreement with the party leaders and soon found themselves potentially losing their livelihood. The bottom line is that the Party Leaders are not particulary kind people,  they do not have admirable intentions or are they well liked within the community,  hence the reason why  they cannot find individuals active within their party to run for office.