I will have to appove blog comments because a reader by the name of 'Mickey Mouse' left a tirade of comments directed at a person she thinks is the author of this page, including threats of employment loss, which I found to be inappropriate. While I have allowed all comments to be posted, some I may not necessarily agree with, I do have to put my foot down when a reader begins to post comments that include the threat of a job loss and comments that include the imagined blog author's children(especially when they have the wrong person at the receiving end of their threat) *sigh* Some people have to ruin it for others. 

I conclude that the blogs I've written have somehow gotten under this particular person's skin, most likely because they are the subject of one of more of these blogs.

What this individual does not seem to realize is that while they are commenting on this site, I, ultimately, am the creator and I have the ability to control what is and is not posted and I can write a blog dedicated soley to dissecting these comments, rebutting them and weighing in on the motivation that this particular individual has for posting them. 

I'm guessing that this individual not only is the subject of these blogs, but also presently works a part-time job at a local college, hence the reason why they have spent the better part of the afternoon writing these colorful and entertaining comments.

Let's take a peek at some of them:

Shouldnt you be paying attention to your young child instead of sitting in front of the computer creating lies???

Well, these 'lies' are backed up by legal documents with the paperwork and links to prove it. So unless the NYSE is lying and so is the DC Clerk's office and the Sheriff's Dept, I dispute your statement.

You got them from a former town board member. As in the "lame duck" who currently sit on the board or your own husband? I hope Don launches a lawsuit against you. This document was in a sealed envelope! In a sealed file cabinet.

How would you know where the document was located? Unless you were a former town hall employee...the plot thickens.

Just to note that personal files are retained on record for a period of seven years. Then they are disposed of, so the current town board had no knowledge of this letter in Mr. Goddard's personnel file.

I LOVED the Thug a Meter...It was the best piece of journalism this town has seen in a long time. It will be missed.

Besides thinking the brainchild of an individual who forged $18,000 in checks is brilliant, obviously you are not a reader of more cerebral newspapers.

Town of Hyde Park is the laughing stock of the county because YOU BOZOS are still in office. The fear and dread people have going to town hall will fade away, along with each of you. Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!!

A bigger laughing stock then the newspaper editor that forged checks or the chairwoman of the town committee that has family members fraduently register to vote using her address, or the former police chief that falsified official documents, or the bookkeeper that couldn't keep an accurate record?

Oh yea, the credit rating. Geez, it seems to me it was based on the FIRED bookkeepers financial records. You know, the one you continue to smear in your dirt campaign. Wait until the new administration comes in and AUDITS your 2010 and 2011 records.
Where are YOUR budget modification resolutions to balance the 2010 budget for all of the overages? Did you submit a FALSE document to the State?
Where is your modified accrual based accounting? Hmmm why are there no salary payables in the 2010 AUD? Why does highway fund have a small payable at year end, when we all know Walt publicly stated in January 2011 about his 2010 bills not being paid. Lets get real! You are history.

In response to that claim, the bookkeeper didn't keep accurate records according to the auditing firm, so if the credit rating is based upon her records, then the rating is in error.
However the credit rating was based upon interviews with offices of the town, the accounting firm currently performing the 2009/2010 audits, bond counsel and the town's financial advisor, not the bookkeeper's records.
And it seems to me that you know quite alot about the town's finances, past and current. Perhaps a FOIL request inquiry could shed light on your identity.

And what rock did you come out of ??? Go back. Give it up. You are history and so is your husband.

I think you have the wrong person targeted in your tirade of insults.

GUTLESS WONDERS!!!!!!! I can't wait to pass out the headlines again. Sue is my idol!

I'd pick a better idol.