There's an old saying that goes something like this, 'Don't believe everything you read.' It is reminiscent of the sensational headlines and the public outcry that followed as a result of the sinking of the USS Maine that sparked the Spanish-American War. Turns out that is was a propaganda scheme. What was blamed upon the Spanishth and triggered a war turned out to be a lie. The sinking of the Maine turned out to most likely be a faulty boiler, but the self-serving interests of those on the apex of the power structure manipulated the media to their own advantage.

Enter a certain individual who writes rather insightful, if not damaging correspondences that the writers at the HV News Lies receives through forwarding.

This individual has indicated that despite what Senator Saland stated in a Poughkeepsie Journal article that he never intended to receive the Conservative endorsement was a blatant lie. We have received information that it was quite the contrary. Stephen Saland allegedly contacted several members of the Dutchess County Conservative Party and was imperious that he receive the endorsement despite his voting record that clearly conflicts with the values of the party.

Senator Saland also received the nod from Democrat Andrew Cuomo, that was supposedly based upon one significant vote that occured in the past year rather than taking in account his past 38 years of service. The governor's decision to base his endorsement upon a sociocultural issue, rather economic than one based upon performance in the legislature is questionable. Nor does the endorsement mention that the vote was most likely driven by the color green as Sentator Saland received over $400,000 in donations shortly before and after the vote took place from activist groups. This endorsement could be quite damaging to Senator Saland.

The Conservative Primary results are in and it looks as if Stevie "The Slickster "Saland to a royal dose of his lumps against newcomer Neil DiCarlo. DiCarlo has secured a line on the November ballot much to the detriment of Stevie the Slickster. Many in Republican circles are of the opinion that Saland is politically doomed. It is noted that the Albany Times-Union stated earlier this week that the gay advocate portion of Stevie's support base has abandonedhim in favor of Democrat Terry Gibson simply because they have no interest in throwing good money after bad. In brief, Stevie is perceived as a loser.

A Republican spokesperson recently stated that Stevie the Slickster did not seek the Conservative endorsement. This is a lie. Stevie knew he needed the Conservative endorsement to carry the day. We were told by several Conservative committee persons that Stevie was personally calling Conservatives, first asking for their support and then demanding their support when they answered in the negative. One individual stated that Stevie became unhinged and made threats if he and his committee did not acquiesce to Stevie's demand.

However, the biggest issue in this race is Stevie's propensity for lying about his position on same sex marriage. Stevie voted against his 2010 campaign promise and immediately after his crucial vote, the big bucks funneled into his campaign chest. Stevie stated that he had a "spiritual" journey which led him to change his mind. We believe that he had a "financial" journey that was initiated by Mike Bloomberg who has an insatiable desire to turn Dutchess County into a borough of NYC. Stevie was more than happy to take Bloomberg's money and assume the role of Bloomberg's stooge. As of September 19th, Stevie has now been endorsed by Andrew Cuomo. What's wrong with Democratic candidate Terry Gibson, governor?

It is apparent to many that Stevie the Slickster is also in
Cuomo's pocket. Saland a true Republican? Humbug! Stevie the Slickster is in it for the money and of course his need to satisfy his narcissist ego.