It appears that the campaign promise of transparency was a farce. The March 12, 2012 meeting revealed that the town board isn't forthcoming with certain information. 

Highlights include:

1) Aileen Rohr is more concerned with landscaping of the police station than to other matters. She had missed a meeting  concerning the police department's power plant because she was too busy indulging her passion of her love of flowers and meeting with the landscaper to make plans to beautify the police facility.

2) Members of the town board are biased in regards to the stop signs on Franklin Rd. A letter from the traffic engineer that visited and viewed the intersection made his recommendations based upon safety and potential hazards was submitted. However, this information was not relayed by the town board, specifically Bill Truitt who stated he conducted his own investigation into this matter and noted that certain issues of safety, mainly speed driven on Franklin Rd. shouldn't be taken into consideration.   A resident of Franklin Rd, Mrs. Martino, read Mr. Fitzpatrick's letter and indicated that the town should be conducting a traffic study before any removal of any stop signs or traffic devices which is required per regulations. She also stated she FOILED for information from the town and school district and presented the town board with information to locatation of bus stops in the proximity of Franklin Rd.

Yancy McArthur was observed to be sitting in the audience and didn't make any public comments, which is unusual for him, especially concerning the stop sign located on his lawn. He appeared to be holding a paper that was assumed to be something he was going to be reading from, then put it away after Mrs. Martino spoke. Was this a sign of the humilation he must of felt when Mrs. Martino of Franklin Rd made mention on his deceipt and deception?

Mrs. Martino told by Aileen Rohr that the town board 'indulged' her long enough towards the end of her presentation although she asked for permission to speak longer than the allotted three minutes. Ms. Rohr's condenscending tone towards those that may disagree or critize her decisions is evident.

3) Michael Taylor asked the town board how much it would cost the town to recoup the monies to Steve Costa who was hired to perform tree removal after the fall storms. Aileen Rohr appeared to be rather irritated and told him, 'This isn't a dialogue, so what's your point?'
Is this a peek into what Aileen is really like behind that facade of all smiles and giggles? According to sources, this is Aileen's disposition towards her employees.

The writers at the HV New Lies find it interesting that Mr. Rohr demanded  information to be disclosed of the last town board at town board meetings, but is reluctant to provide information that is rightfully available to the taxpayers of Hyde Park. The town has a legal responsibility to disclose litigation costs. Mr. Taylor called it right on when he made note of their promise for 'transparency.' What the town doesn't want the town residents to know is that the litigation costs can range anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000.  A quick calculation: the town paid $75,000. Steve Costa supposedly did approx. $22,000, which leaves a difference of $53,000 and factor in the legal costs...wouldn't it be more cost effective to have Steve Costa just finish the work? Oh, wait...the new town board terminated  and did not renew the contract with Steve Costa.

Also noted is the documents from Steven Costa published on this website indicating that he alone was the party who took inventory of the downed tree lines, which is actually a responsibility of Walter Doyle.  This work was rendered prior to the quote being submitted and the quote factored in this cost.  It has been speculated that Walter Doyle spends his days at Milligan's Landscaping visting the mother of his godchild rather than actually doing driving the roads of Hyde Park to take inventory of the damage after storms. Also noted on the work orders is that Walt Doyle ordered the work to be done.

4) The town would like to change the police chief from full-time to part-time to save costs. Mr. Taylor made note that this was already done in 2010 to no avail. He also noted that if a police chief is retired for over a year from another police department, then they cannot be moved to a full-time position should the need arise.

The question that should be asked is why is Officer Benson who is the acting chief being low balled? Interim chiefs have a time period of eighteen months to which they can remain as acting chiefs so that they may take the chief exam. Officer  Benson is not being given this opportunity. Rumor has it that it's because Joanne Lown, the real supervisor isn't too fond of him.

The writers at the HV News Lies want to know at which pond did these town board members come from?
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