You're probably wondering how I was able to obtain these incriminating documents. Truth of the matter is I heard rumors that there was some sort of investigation that had occured and that town committee members were involved in voter fraud. So I just asked around and voila! I received the documents. What the kicker is that apparently, the Republican Board of Election Commissioner, Erik Haight refused to release this information. It was obtained through other means.  You ask why would Mr. Haight want to brush this 'incident' under the rug? Well Mr. Haight and Mrs. McArthur are seemingly good buddies and on Jean's Facebook page, Mr. Haight comments:
Erik Haight Jean McArthur 4 - Tom Martino 0 August 6 at 10:58am on the link:!/profile.php?id=1517302013&sk=wall
Mr. Martino apparently is not in their special 'circle of trust.' This is the same Erick Haight that was apparently too busy keeping score between Jean and Tom that he forgot to follow up with the petitiions endorsing Marc Molinaro on the Conservative line from the secretary to be received timely. I read the initial article in the Poughkeepsie Journal in which Francess Knapp called for the issue to be looked into and Erick Haight had the attitude of 'too bad, soo sad.' Could it be that he was attempting to save his own rear so to speak?
One tidbit I discovered was that Eric Haight, a former insurance salesman was chosen to be the commissioner over several well qualified candidates including former judges and a Marine Corp officer. Who was responsible for electing him as commissioner? You guessed it. Jean McArthur, among a few other sketchy characters. So Mr. Haight is most likely Jean's 'snitch' at the Board of Elections. From a reliable source at the BOE, Eric Haght notified Jean McArthur & Co.  PRIOR to the official notification being sent out concerning the validity of Tom Martino's petition as a committee member being upheld as valid. The next day McArthur & Co brought suit against Tom Martino in attempt to have his petitions ruled invalid. 
I was told by a retired Army officer who was involved in politics,  that he would never run for office, because as he explained, the candidates do not have any power. It's the ones behind the scenes in the committees that hold the power and if you don't play by their game and join the Good 'Ole Boys Club then you are considered persona non grata. From what I gather this rings true and Mr. Haight, while he leaves Jean cute comments rooting for her on her facebook page, is no more than her 'bitch'.
This corruption goes much further than just town politics. This corrupt behavior goes right up to the county level.
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