The writers here at the Hudson Valley News Lies apologize for the lack of recent blogs as we have been away on an extended vacation to the southern part of the hempishere and did not have the ability to post the latest of the ineptness of the political leaders in Hyde Park.

However, we did recently obtain rather explosive information that places the past adminstrations rather in a rather particularly negative light. Yes, this means both Pompey Delafield and that failure of a politician (as he won only one out of how many elections), Yancy McArthur. These two supervisors allowed the  town's finances, for a better term, to go to doo doo. Neither one of them authorized the town's capital assets to undergo a physical inventory, and an arguement can be made of which one was the worst supervisor in the town's history as both allowed this to occur under their watch.

And who was the doo doo creater of this financial rat's nest? The former bookkeeper, Joanne Lown, who conincidently found herself without a job last year and for good cause since she had a problem keeping accurate records. How many people are going to come out to the next town board meeting to rally for her now that it's known she was a failure as a bookkeeper and her friend, Jim Langan(who organized the protests) is a thief and liar?  Let's take a look at the auditor's findings, shall we?