According to rumor, James Kennedy Langan will indeed be the moderator of the Supervisor Debate as indicated by Mr. Michael Dupree, a Democrat Town Committee member because he claimed, the people of Hyde Park have 'short memories' and by the time the debate occurs, they will most likely have forgotten that Jim Langan pulled a Bernie Maddoff and made off with his client's money.

I would like to point out that the news of Mr. Langan's criminal past has made its way throughout the Northeast via word of mouth, e-mail and through this site (since I discovered and posted the NYSE documents on the evening of Sept. 9th, this site has received over 1500 hits!) It has gotten back to me that people throughout the region are talking about JKL's blackened record. 

Due to his past actions, the name, James Kennedy Langan will forever be associated with 'thief' and 'liar.'