Joanne Lown, accounting clerk has successfully ousted Jean McArthur from the position as the most dangerous woman in Hyde Park. Apart from their ability to have people terminated from positions of employment and influence the administrative decisions made in THIER interest, Joanne has surpassed Jean because she is now the power behind the power. Readers may remembr that Jean's endorsement of an incompetant bar exam flunkee led her to lose this position of power in last November's town election.

According to sources at town hall, Joanne has successfully run the town assessor out of town hall. The assessor allegedly has submitted his resignation. The interim assessor is rumored to be an employee in the Assessor's office, which may or may not be legal, as assessor have received specific training and possess certification. Aileen plans on hiring an acquaintance of hers to permanently replace the current assessor.

Joanne also is rumored to give directive to the Town Attorney as to how she, or the town wishes to conduct and proceed with ongoing business. We should note that the town attorney does not specialize in municipal law, but rather land use, which is suitable to the interests that Aileen and Emily Svenson. We should remember that Aileen was the spokesperson for Stop the Sprawl, that was in opposition to any commercial growth and development in Hyde Park.

We at the HV News Lies are unaware that Ms. Lown possesses any law degree or any experience to the extent that she can competantly direct an attorney on how to proceed with town business. Last we knew she had a two year degree from Dutchess Community College in accounting and given the results of the 2006 & 2009 audits, it is questionable as to the validity of this degree.

Aileen Rohr & Co. are toeing a rather precarious line in allowing one individual who was NOT elected to office to have such a significant influence in town matters. This person has made it known that she has an axe to grind with many individuals has already demonstrated that she has the power and influence of who is employed in town hall. In addition, according to sources, Ms. Lown also has a penchant for keeping tabs on her fellow co-workers and 'ratting' them out which allegedly can be substantiated through e-mails that should be able to be obtained through FOIL requests.