Upon futher investigation, the writers at the HV News Lies have learned that Dennis Zack, the Chairman of the Dutchess County Independence Party wasn't exactly being forthcoming when he stated he interviewed Saland and DiCarlo  for the senate position. In fact, he did not bother to interview Neil DiCarlo and coincidently, one of those individuals on the interviewing panel happened to be non other than the woman Mr. Zack had a romantic relationship with, who also happens to be an employee of Stephen Saland.
It not only appears to be a conflict of interest, but that the fix was in all along.
The writers at the HV News Lies has received information that borders on unethical in regards to the Dutchess County Independence Party's endorsement of Stephen Saland. It seems that Dennis Zack, the Chairman of the Independence party who endorsed Senator Saland for his re-election bid has a rather intimate connection with Senator Saland. His ex-girlfriend, who is also an independent, works and has worked for Senator Saland. Could this endorsement be just a matter of a 'thank you' for employing and continuing to employ his ex-girlfriend, or did Senator Saland demand the endorsement with her employment hanging by a thread (after all, he did expect voters to come out in multitudes to vote for him in order to thank him for his years of service)?

We have also learned that apparently Yancy McArthur, who is the prime suspect in Sign-gate is attempting to deflect the scrutiny of his sign stealing escapade off his back by indicating that he was encouraged to steal signs by Stephen Saland himself.