1. Sue Serino, at the last Town Board member as a councilwoman was still clueless regarding the 2012 Budget. She was not familiar with the School District Charge Back Fee and the town attorney, James Horan had to point it out to her that this WAS in the budget, to which had the opportunity to go through line by line. Video of this will be posted.

What exactly is the chargeback? Okay, in a nutshell: The  town uses their resources and monies to prepare, collect and process the school district tax. This include the use of supplies, postage and manpower. Also included is the  process of assessment of property to determine the tax amount and any fees for legal charges for anyone wishing to dispute the assessment determination.
In the past, the town usually only charged, say for example, postage to mail out the tax notices. Per NYS Law, the town is allowed to charge the school district this chargeback fee to compensate for their services:  NYS  Town Law, Article 8, Section 115 states the following: §  114. Interest charges against districts. The town board may include  in the annual budget a charge against any district for the amount of any  interest paid  or to be paid upon moneys borrowed for  district  purposes  in anticipation of the receipt of taxes, assessments and revenues of any  such district.

Feel like doing your own research on NYS Laws? Refer to the following website:

2. The same people attend every meeting...all fifteen of them, sans Jim Langan who has made himself sparce as of the past few months.

3. Joanne Lown expressed her gratitude to Sue Serino for 'Giving it to the Man' and fighting for the people of Hyde Park. Obviously Joanne is functioning on the same low level ability as Sue Serino, as Ms. Serino's performance, documented both in the minutes and video clearly demonstrates that she is unable to process complex data. On a side not, I personallu wouldn't want someone who has a reputation of ill repute (especially on the hood of a police car) commending my accomplishments. It's like having having Ron Jeremy present Mother Teresa (post mortem) with the Good Morality Award.

4. A much needed tow law was passed despite it's unpopularity. Interesting enough, it was the now interim Chief Benson that expressed a need for a tow law and dispelled the myth that being of assistance, the tow truck drivers coud be more of a hinderence. He also explained that Hyde Park was the only municipality n the county that DID NOT have a law regulating the process of accident response. Many requested the board to table the motion for the further town board, which was previously done in 2009 for the incoming town board to address. Which they did...at the last town board meeting. 

5. Sue Serino wasn't paying attention to the agenda because began to present a  resolution that was specifically be noted that it was stricken from the agenda until the Town Clerk had to tell her it was the wrong resolution.