This is rather interesting. I was wondering why legal judgements filed under Joseph and Meryana Kakish were also filed under the spelling of 'Qaqish'. His wife's maiden name also being Qaqish.  My suspicion is that the couple are related within the same family. Perhaps this was an arranged marriage as they lived on seperate coasts.
His wife is from Southern California branch of the Qaqish clan. She was listed as residing in San Bernardino. One of Joseph's great aunts lived in California in his grandfather's obituary which could be a connection given the relation between the Nesheiwats and Kakish/Qaqish tribes.
The Kakish/Qaqish's do intermarry within the family as per the following statements on the website that referenced information on a family tree:

The number of names compiled up to date are 1974. There are 1298 males and 676 females. 210 family members married from outside the family and 289 married within the tribe. The most common name is Essa (49) then Jeries then Mousa then Ibrahim

On the Kakish Family News website, it states:

This site was created to keep the lines of  communication open between the Qaqish (Kakish) family members in the motherland, Jordan, and the rest of the world.  We solicit news and information from our local family members living in Southern California,  we also keep in contact with our relatives in Toronto, Canada to stay current with their events. Whether you are in Germany, Australia, France,  in the Gulf States, or the moon, we want to hear from you.
Joseph and Meryana as well as his aunts, uncles and parents (living in New York) are referenced on this site, so it can be concluded that the New York and California branches are related and stay in regular contact.

Coming from a sociolgy point of view, intermarriage in Jordanian culture may be acceptable as 50.2% of marriages are between cousins, however in American culture it's considered to be taboo, which is a general consensus. I guess the saying, 'When in Rome...' does not apply.  Looking at it from a medical standpoint, intermarriage has been a factor in various diseases, including metabolic diseases, genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and developmental delays. One of the most famous instances of intermarriage has been between the Royal Families in Europe and the DuPonts in the United States. Documentation of genetic disease as well as mental disease has been made with both and attributing intermarriage has been the source of the occurences.  Some of the studies of this practice which include Jordanian tribes are rather interesting.

The website also had a photo of a person in the customary palestian keffiyeh and it notes the following: 

 The Struggle
Our site is not affiliated with any political or religious doctrine,  at the same time we believe that a horrific social injustice is being administered against our brothers and sisters in Palestine, as a result, we feel obligated to contribute, and we welcome your contribution to this section.

When you clink on the link 'The Struggle' to the page, it brings you to the following page, which may or may not be anti-Isreali:

Does Joseph Kakish share the same views that are posted on his family's website? How would it affect his interaction with residents, business owners, etc who may be Israeli or have family in or from Israel?

The 'tribe' also functions as it's own socio-political entity as they have their own by-laws, elections, etc. per the following website:

Perhaps the transparency that Mr. Kakish promised would be welcoming especially given the statement posted on the website supporting their 'Palestinian' brothers and sisters.