The writers at the HV News Lies were rather suprised that is appeared that the newly hired Town Comptroller may actually be competant and not swayed by any of the political rifes that are present within Hyde Park town politics.
For starters, he was rather straighforward in indicating that the 2010 finances with the exception of the bank reconcilations not being performed in the first half of the year not being being done, it seemed in order. The writers should remind the readers that Joanne Lown, the bookkeeper and present accounting clerk was employed during that time. This town board had indicated that she was competent in her peformance as a bookkeeper and rehired her as an accounting clerk.
He also informed the town board that the school district charge back that was done by the last administration is rather common. The school district charge back is a fee that is passed along to the school district as the town tax receiver collects the school taxes for the school district. The comptroller's statements invalidated the town board's accusations that the previous town board was engaging in questionable financial activies, not to mention that their accounting clerk, Joanne Lown DID not keep accurate financial records.
The writers should also point out that in another politically motivated decision to appease the McArthurs, a resolution to have the Franklin Rd stop signs removed was passed, against the judgement of two traffic engineers. Apparently the town board is more knowledgable than these two engineers to make such a decision.
The proponents of this resolution, the McArthurs, who consider themselves community leaders (the writers of the HV News Lies use that term loosely) did not at one time mention their concern for the safety of their neighbors who drive, walk and bike along that roadway but rather made the request based upon their own agenda. Jean McArthur took the opportunity to speak at the public hearing to voice her disdain for Thomas and Jeanette Martino and demonstrated that this motion was a reflection of the political infighting within the Republican party.
The writers of the HV News Lies has included a copy of the traffic report completed by one of the traffic engineers so that the readers may make their own conclusion.

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