To further present the case supporting the epic failure of the republican party, one reader pointed out that Mr. Kakish received endorsements from the Republican, Conservative and Independent parties, but only received  1,703  or 39.697% of the total 4,290 votes.

The following is the statisics of registered voters in Hyde Park.
The total number of voters in Hyde Park that represent the party affiliations that endorsed Mr. Kakish is 4848 compared to the 3797. Ms. Rohr received 2562 or 59.72% of the vote and based upon this number it can be concluded that either republican/conservative voters did not come to the polls or they crossed party lines.
The republican party really dropped the ball on this election. The party, based upon the numbers were in a more favorable position to win the election. Yet, they lost. It should also be noted that Hyde Park made monumental history with this election as well, as it's the only town board in Dutchess County that has a democratic controlled board. You can thank Jim Langan and the Republican Committee for that one.

In the wake of the devasating defeat of the Hyde Park Republican party, it is speculated if the party will ever recover from the turbulence that has occured over the course of the past several years.

It is evident through what can be described as the triumphant victory of the Democratic Party in a clean sweep of the Town Board that the republican party is lacking.

The Hyde Park Republican Party has been mismanaged for several years due to the incompetence and poor decisions made by party leaders, that was blatantly demonstrated through their endorsement of a poorly qualified and unelectable candidate. Through this endorsement they have sent the message  that they do not have their party's best interests in mind. The question is, who's interests do they have in mind.

To support the argument that the Republican Party has suffered by the ill-wise decisions of the party leaders, we may refer to key events that occured over the past two years.

1) The Republican Party sough out virtually unknown candidates in both 2009 and 2011 election. It must be questioned why the party leaders must seek out individuals that have no history of being active in the party. In fact, Mr. Kakish did not even have a history of partaking in the voting process since he moved to HydePark in 2004. While Mr. Martino has received heat from the public due to reasons which will be explained in the below, Mr. Kakish demonstrated that he was unfit for the position,  this statement supported in the times when he opened his mouth. It could be speculated that those individuals who are capable of becoming a qualified candidate are shunned by the party leaders because they would lose their power as they wouldn't be required for 'guidance and direction.'

2) After being slighted by the rejection of the Town Board for a policy advisory position, Jim Langan used the power of the media against the town board for more than eighteen months.

On a weekly basis, the Town Board was featured on the cover and when the bookkeeper position was eliminated, he organized demonstrations and protests that disrupted the town board meetings, placing the board members in a rather bad position and unfavorable light. These board members were simply doing the job that they had set out to do and not making decisions based upon friendships or favors as there campaign platform was 'People,  Not Politics.' These protests were the result of the elimination of a position held by a person that just didn't make one mistake, she made subsequent and significant mistakes. The 2006 budget audit posted on a seperate blog presents the errors that she made. 

Did this action warrant the massive protests? In the real world, it wouldn't. Especially when that individual has demonstrated poor peformance, but in the world of Hyde Park politics, influenced by Jim Langan it does. The demonstraters in fact were simply being used by Jim Langan all out of spite towards a town board that spurned him. (I wonder how those demonstraters now feel knowing that they were used by a thief and liar as  Jim Langan has been outed as a thief and deadbeat).

3) Which leads to the final and most important argument. Mr. Langan's campaign to destroy the Town Board was done with the blessing of the party leaders. In fact, the McArthurs adverstised their business, Pay-Less Oil within the very pages of the HV News. Using your critical thinking skills, what does that tell you about the leadership of the Republican Party. They allow another so-called Republican to use his newspaper to undermine the Town Board based upon unfounded information, opinion and his own vengence. This demonstrates a total lack of infrastructure and unity within the party.

Final Thought: The Republican Party reaped what they sow with this election. By allowing the current town board to be subjected to Mr. Langan's weekly tirade of venom, they were in fact, unknowingly setting themselves up for future failures because the people of Hyde Park who read Mr. Langan's paper will forever associate the Republicans with 'the crap that was going on with that republican town board,' thus ensuring future democratic victories.

For the best interest and health of the Hyde Park Republican Party, perhaps its best that the current leadership step down to allow individuals who are focused on creating unity within the party take the helm so that the party may actually win an election (without running unopposed).