Burning question: What ever happened to the bright shining stars of the Hyde Park GOP? Let's not forget that  these people were hand picked by the McArthurs with the assistance of the nauseating Ann Boehm.

D.J. Sadowski had the most absences of all the county legislators. Of the eighteen (18) meetings that the legislative body conducted, Mr. Sadowski missed six of them, which equals ONE THIRD. He also missed out on twelve of the committee meetings,  winning the superlative for worst attendence of all the legislators.  What exactly did Mr. Sadowski achieve when he did bother to show up? He voted  to approve the election charge back tax to Dutchess County municipalities to the tune of $900,000.00 per election and then vanished. Sadowski cast the deciding vote in this hot button issue. Don't try to contact him at the phone number or address he  listed during his time as a legislator, because he really didn't reside  there. Soon after this historic vote, Sadowski took up residence in Ulster County, but claimed to "officially"to be residing in Hyde Park. He also had the gall to take a paycheck for his  non-participation in county government. Also of note: Sadowski was buddying up  Jim Langan, a known thief, prior to Sadowski's secret move to the West bank
of the Hudson River.

Sue Serino came in a close second to D.J. with her number of absences at Hyde Park Town Board meetings...but even when she was in attendance at the meetings, she might as well as have been absent. As the old saying goes, 'The lights are on but no one's home.' Hopefully she is coherent  and doesn't spend her time texting when she does make an appearance at county meetings. You can observe Serino's Town Board antics at: www.Serinowatch.com

Ms. Serino also failed to produce one piece of legislature as a councilwoman and based her performance on the town board on the claim that she was 'standing up to the other town board members.'  Someone should clue Ms. Serino in that the whole 'sticking to to the man' is so passe, like 40 years ago passe.

Ward Three candidate Jacob Michels who previously spent time residing between the US and Britain left the country to live permanently in Great Britain. Mr. Michels lack of campaigning was apparently due to his plans to relocate across the pond and he never had intentions of representing the Third Ward. He just happened to be a no-namer that was plucked among others in attempts to knock Jim Monks off the ballot.

Joseph Kakish, the former supervisor candidate is still reputedly...unemployed but still makes periodic appearances at town board meetings to remind him of what could have been if he had just kept his mouth shut.
 Apparently he  still drives around Hyde Park aimlessly to occupy his days (keep a lookout for him driving a BMW SUV which is not registered to him).

*Google search his name and the #1 site happens to be the HV News Lies which indicates that site is the most visited.

And finally, the head honchos, Yancy and Jean  can't win elections, hence why they have to lead from behind. Jean lost her  bid as councilwoman as did Yancy. The McArthurs  attempted to gain control of  40% of the Town Board voting stock in their failed  attempt at attaining public  office several years ago. Yancy, by the way has won only one election out of six  attempts. He's not what one would call a political desirable. The Governor's mansion will not be a secondary home for these two.
Based upon the recent acts of ineptness by the Hyde Park Republican  Committee under the leadership of the McArthurs, Republicanism is effectively defunct in Hyde Park thanks to the McArthurs.