Question: Exactly how many people use the existing parking lot at the trail head that a new parking lot is needed by the National Park Service? The writers at the HV News Lies don't think it's many to warrant a new parking lot and the $500 a year to the town certainly isn't worth the trouble to allow the NPS service to take land and use it to how they see fit.

Aileen's newfound alliance with the National Park Service is determental to the economic growth of Hyde Park and hits the taxpayers straight in their wallets. Sarah Olsen stated in her presentation that the payment made was $300,000 a year. However, the above document states otherwise. Is Sarah Olsen an outright liar?  The HV News Lies writers believe so. Do note that the PILOT that the NPS pays can be FOILED through the Dutchess County Clerk's office.

The NPS that holds hundreds of acres in land in Hyde Park and produces revenue in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, pays a lesser percentage in taxes of the average taxpayer in Hyde Park in a year...the NPS may be even paying less taxes than you, the reader.