Apparently behind the facade of the smiling face lies a rather abusive and condescending individual who makes no qualms about intimidating others.
The writers at the HV News Lies have been in receipt of a letter from the previous confidential secretary to the supervisor regarding an incident she had with the the former sweetheart of the town board and Hudson Valley News, Sue Serino.

Now that Sue is now more or less just a cog in the county machine, is she following suit to her predecessor D.J. Sadowski and making like a tree and leave? When she does attend county meeting is she coherent? Does she spend the majority of the meetings texting on her cell phone? And how is the plan to bring a sewer and water district to Hyde Park working out for her?

*Note: The resume that was stamped as confidential was released to Jim Langan by Sue Serino. Apparently in addition to being a bully, Sue can't read as well.