I e-mailed Ms. Serino the other day requesting information as to a resolution that was voted on t the last Town Board Meeting and I have yet to hear back.
Sue Serino was not here...

Ms. Serino,

I am still awaiting a reply to my previous three e-mails concerning your support to appoint James Langan to the police advisory committee.

However, another issue I would like to be addressed by you is the subject of the vote last night on the accounting software.

From my understanding, the plan for having an accounting software application has been in place since March. According to the information I was provided, there were four (4) meetings conducted by the vendors tht included an explanation and demonstration of the software programs. A representative from each town hall department was in attendence and an invitation to the Town Board members were extended to attend as well.

At last night's meeting you voiced concerns and requested that the resolution be postponed to a later date.

My questions that I am requesting explanations for are:

1) As a Town Board member why were you not in attendence at the demonstration meetings if you has reservations regarding the software programs.

2) Over the past six months did you make any inquiries in regards to the software? (that are on record either in meetings or in e-mails)

3) I would also like to inquire on the reason that you voted against an independent auditing firm conducting an audit on the Town's financial records. From my understanding of the minutes of the meetings, the auditing firm found numerous errors of records the previous bookkeeper made.

On the June 4, 2010 vote, per verbatim in the minutes it states:

Councilwoman Serino presented questions regarding authority and responsibility of the Town Board under the proposed local law. She stated that she does not feel that she will have ample time to be properly trained and attend the additional meetings required by this proposed local law.


Is this also the case as you your absence from the software presentations? As a candidate running for county legislature, please advise on how this will affect your responsibilities for the demanding position of an elected official at the county level.

I welcome you to provide any explanations to my questions and concerns. I also welcome you to read the blog I wrote in which I thoroughly read through each of the minutes of all the Town Board meetings and included, per verbatim, each of your responses and comments. If you wish to make an arguement or dispute the public record, please leave a comment.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



One of the resulotions of the 9/12 Town Board meeting was the new accounting software programs that would be implemented to avoid any future financial disasters that Ms. Lown, the former bookkeeper created (the auditor's report to be released shortly)

If you were in attendence or watched it on TV, Ms. Serino requested that the vote for the software be postponed to a later date because supposedly another town employee didn't want it implemented.


1) the proposal for implementing a new software system has been ongoing for the past six months. Why didn't she ask questions and voice any concerns during that time period. Why did she wait for the stroke before midnight?

2) There have been FOUR (4) demo meetings from various companies demonstrating their software. MS. SERINO WAS AT ZERO, ZILCH, KEINER, NINGUNDO of these meetings.

This record speaks for itself on Ms. Serino's incompetence. That and voting to appoint an embezzler to the Police Advisory Committee.

Ms. Serino wants to run for County Legislature, but she is unable to fufill the responsibilities of the position she holds now as a Town Board member.