In the post below is the copy of the 2012 preliminary budget that has dated September 30 that is in accordance with  the 2% tax cap law. The preliminary budget that was presented on November 3, 2011 reflects a 17% tax increase which is equivalent to approximately $85 per year in a household.

At the November 3, 2011 meeting, Joe Kakish instructed that Mr. Martino make the necessary cuts to keep taxes at less than 2%. If you examine the document and the costs  from 2011 to 2012, you will notice that in almost every area, there have been cuts with the exception of several, mainly being the serial bonds that must be paid.

Where are there significant decreases?
1) The cost for snow removal personnel changed from
$334,556.35 to $$232,072.53. For those that have to drive to work in the snow, that means you'll be having to drive on roads that may not be plowed in a timely manner

2)fund for medical and hospital insurance decreased from $631,844.34 to $608,879.77

3) The police personnel was reduced from $1,285,237.39 to $880. 125.28, which means the force will be reduced by a few positions. Need a cop to show up at the car accident you just had? You'll be waiting for awhile.

4)The Town Clerk's office will be reduced by an employee, losing funds from $105, 894 to $73756.

5) Mortgage tax income is projected to decrease from $405,000 to $325,000. Apparently due to choice or circumstance, people are leaving town.

3) It is noted that the Roosevelt fire district, whose chairman is Yancy McArthur, that conducts their own budget and budget vote, has a tax that is passed to the voters of nearly $1 million dollars, which is the highest of all the fire districts. This amount is nearly as high as the Hyde Park Police Dept. which runs on a budget of approximately the same amount, except the police department has paid staff whereas the fire company consists of volunteers. It should also be notes that the police department runs on a 27/7 basis whereas the fire department responds to calls as needed. A call log was at one time available on each fire company website, but they have been removed. The budget information is located on the Roosevelt site is as follows:
In accordance with new state laws pertaining to Fire District Operations the proposed 2012 budget of the Roosevelt Fire District is hereby provided for public information.

Proposed 2012 Budget

Personal Services                                   $38,000.00

Equipment                                              $83,000.00

Contractual & Other expenses               $453,712.00

Local Pension (Service Awards)            $125,000.00

Social Security                                       $2,907.00

VFBL Workers Compensation               $95,685.00

Supplemental Benefit Payments to
Disabled Firefighters                             $3,960.00

Redemption of Bonds                           $0.00

Transfer to Reserve Fund                    $175,000.00

The Contractual and other expenses category is rather vague.

This summary of the budget indicates that the costs to the town is primarily to salaries and if Joe Kakish is okay with giving his employees the pink slip, so be it, but it appears from the town board meetings and the new budget that Mr. Martino isn't.

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