On a previous blog I included the recorded town board meeting that voted to introduce the tax cap override.
Within that meeting it was explained that the preliminary budget that was introduced was a DEMONSTRATION of what the 2% tax cap will provide and the introduction of the Local Law C would enable the Town Board to override the tax cap if needed. It was explicitly explained that this motion could be tabled if it would not prove to be necessary.

Throughout the meeting Ms. Serino had difficulty comprehending what exactly was being voted on and when the actual budget would be presented. It was stressed that this was a preliminary budget and WAS NOT the actual budget. The actual budget would be created within the upcoming weeks and would not be voted on until November 21, 2011.

The above photo (since I will not waste my dollar to make the purchase of the HV News) of the statement Ms. Serino gave to Mr. Langan. She states that Mr. Martino gave her a fake budget and he wasn't being transparent with the budget information.  If you recall in the video, Mr. Martino advised Ms. Serino that this budget was only a 'demonstration' of what a 2% increase will render. He also provided information as to the recent road repairs, town hall repairs and improvements and bargining unit salaries that were factored into the preliminary budget.

Then again, Ms. Serino spent most of her time texting on her Blackberry.  Ms. Serino did NOT offer to contribute to the 2012 budget either or as she did last year, offer nothing positive to the 2011 budget.  Perhaps this is the reason why she is so ignornant of town financial matters.

The above is a DEMONSTRATION that Ms. Serino has a habit of twisting the truth to present her in a favorable light with the assistance of Mr. Jim Langan. 
Postscript: Ms. Serino should be more transparent and tell the voters, as she demonstrated through her actions at the meeting, that she has no interest in the town's budget process.
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