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Sue Serino's campaign promises of balance budgets, transparency and attracting business with fewer regulations conflict with Ms. Serino's performance as a councilwoman. A blog published on this site Presenting Sue Serino, the HV News Sweetheart examines her voting record and comments as per the published town board meeting minutes.

1) As demonstrated in the October 24, 2011 meeting, Ms. Serino was unfamiliar with the budget process and appeared confused on what was being voted on. Ms. Serino was absent at the 2010 Budget meeting and did not contribute to the budget process.

2) Ms. Serino voted against repealing the Wetlands Law in 2010. She states she is in favor of fewer governmental regulations but voted against repealing a law that restricts the rights of property owners.

3) Ms. Serino advocates a stronger infrastructure in Hyde Park, but she has demonstrated no interest in doing so. At the October 24, 2011 meeting she had to ask clarification about the budgeting for highway repairs and police personnel. She has also stated that she is too busy to undergo training in regards to local laws and regulatory policies.  

4) Ms. Serino claims to be transparent but how will she explain confidential information being leaked out to Mr. Jim Langan. A confidential document of the current Comptroller's resume was published in Mr. Langan's paper in the February 16, 2010 edition. Ms. Serino did indeed interview the Comptroller, which enabled her to have access to her resume. According to reliable sources, Ms. Serino was the only employee that took Ms. Zagorski's file out of Town Hall, which was prohibited.  Her resume, stamped confidential, was later published in his paper.  Ms. Serino has clearly violated privacy policies so her claims of advocating transparency is a paradox to her actions.

5) Ms. Serino advocates fewer regulations and attracting business, but voted against the 2010 Local Law D on June 4, 2010 which would attract business and economic development to the town. She stated at the meeting she would not have the ample time needed to attend trainings in regards to this law. Located below in the proposed law.

6) Ms. Serino claims to be instrumental in the growth and economic development of this town, however, if you carefully examine her voting record, which was  published on this very site. In actuality, she has done nothing except provide  Jim Langan with confidential information and claims of somehow being the only valuable member of the Town Board.
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