I am still waiting for Ms. Serino to respond to my two previous e-mails. This is my third e-mail so hopefully three times a charm.

I don't think questioning her reasoning to appoint someone who was found guilty of embezzlement to a Police Advisory Committee is inappropriate as she is an elected official representing the best interests of the residents of Hyde Park and my e-mails were professional and respectful. So why haven't I heard back from her?

Hopefully one reader of this blog will be able to ask her these questions at a Town Board meeting as she won't be able to dodge the question then.

Ms. Serino,

I am awaiting a response from you regarding your vote to appoint Mr. James Langan to the Police Advisory Committee as well your association with him in recent discovery of the embezzlement he committed. I have sent two e-mails previously and have not received a reply to my inquiry.

I do recall that you had stated that you had promised open communication, honesty and transparency in your role as a Town Board member and candidate for County Legislature. 

The readers of the website and voters of Hyde Park are awaiting your response.

Thank you.