Here's an e-mail that's gone viral. I received it today and almost fell off my chair when I read it.

Good evening Jim,
Just a short note of concern. We saw you at the chamber breakfast this morning. You looked terrible. A few others in attendance agreed. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well. Remember, the is a soup kitchen in Poughkeepsie. Have you given any more thought about publishing your NYSE/Drexel experience in your rag? We are sure that there is a reasonable explanation as to why you forged signatures and stole your clients funds. Was it  women? Booze? Boys? Or pure rascality? Please, inquiring minds want to know.
Are you still planning on moderating the supervisor debate? Have you chosen an outfit yet? Remember, think orange.
Please take good care of yourself. You did look as if you lost some of your usual puffiness. We do want you around for a long time. We do feel that you can provide the community with many hours of amusement when more about your past becomes available. Have you thought about doing a Mort, jr. and fabricate a 'skinhead' assault upon your person? You can do it in the men's room at Coppola's. Just remember to apply the symbol of hate properly. Don't be stupid like your former boss. For once in your life, do something right. You just might get away with it.
Time to go. Please stay well.
We remain,
Trevor & Eleanor