Erik Haight, known associate of the McArthur's and Jim Langan has a problem much like his weasly friends.  His problem is that although he is a Commissioner at the BOE, he lacks the fundamental leadership skills that are necessary in order to execute his duties.

We all remember that one kid in class that had an inkling for causing trouble...and then placing the blame on some innocent classmate. 'No teacher, it wasn't me throwing spitballs at the girls, it was Johnny. He did it, I swear.' (While holding a straw in one hand behind his back)

That child, all grown up is Mr. Erik Haight. Most recently Mr. Haight pulled a 'Blame it on Martino' when one of the election officials forgot to secure key from Town Hall in order to open the building up at the due time on Election Day. Mr. Haight provided Jim Langan the following that was printed in Mr. Langan's Usually Lying editorial in the edition following Election Day:

Hyde Park town hall voting place opened one hour late this morning. Election official Eric Haight says, "That was the result of our contact person, Supervisor Tom Martino, being completely negligent of his duties." This guy never disappoints.

Must I remind the readers that real leaders do not point fingers and place the blame on to others, but they take the hit, correct the said action and learn from their mistakes. Would this type of behavior be acceptable of some of the greatest leaders in history including Alexander the Great, George Washington and  Abraham Lincoln? But then again, Mr. Haight associates with theives, liars and bullies so expecting leadership skills from this individual would be a cold day in hell.

The  below excerpt from a document was received from an individual who has an association with the BOE. Mr. Martino is setting Mr. Haight straight and rightly so.

Fran Knapp

Dutchess County Board of Elections

47 Cannon St.

Poughkeepsie, NY   12601

November 11, 2011

Dear Madam:

As you are probably aware, a Hyde Park polling place which is located in the town hall of the Town of Hyde Park opened late on Tuesday, November 8, 2011. I do wish to take this opportunity to inform you that the Republican election coordinator was advised at the time of the primary election this past September that it would be incumbent upon her to make arrangements to open up town hall on Election Day. Past practice has been as follows: a coordinator would be issued a key and an alarm system pass code so that the polling place would be open in a timely manner. No contact was made with my office prior to November 8 to make arrangements to open town hall prior to the start of voting. The Republican election coordinator failed in securing a key and alarm pass code from my office.

I do stress that I am not an employee or agent of the BOE. I am not responsible for any employee or agent of the BOE. I am not responsible to track down and insure that an employee or agent of the BOE makes it to town hall on time with a key or an alarm pass code to enter the building.

The Republican election coordinator is compensated generously to attend to the details that I have set forth above. To place the blame for this act of ineptness at my feet by your colleague, Eric Haight is nothing more than a feeble attempt to deflect responsibility.

It is suggested that in the future, the Republicans appoint a person who is somewhat responsible in executing the duties of an election coordinator in a competent manner.

Yours truly,

T.J. Martino

Cc: Eric Haight

So if you should happen to see Mr. Erik Haight out and about, please tell him it would be wise if he learned to John Wayne up and be a man.