Poor Joseph Kakish, failing the bar exam (reportedly again). Joe stated he took the exam in CT this past July, but his name doesn't appear on the list of those that passed. After witnessing his performance with the supervisor interview I can see why he didn't pass.  He didn't know the ramifications of what the 2% tax cap law would impose on the community (and he went to law school?).
So first he claims he's a lawyer, then we find out he's not. Then he takes the bar exam and fails. What will other lies will be discovered?
I think he needs to ask for his money back from SNESL. But in all seriousness, he can't pass the bar exam, but the republican party thinks he's qualified to run for the supervisor of a town-*scratching my head.
Perhaps it's best he failed, because if he did pass, then he would then be subject to the scutiny of the bar examining committee who would go through his history with a fine tooth comb and upon his discovery of the untruths of claiming to be a lawyer and a member of the Knights of Columbus as well as all the debt he has accrued, he most likely wouldn't be admitted to the bar anyways.
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