By The Hudson Valley News Lies Editorial 

The people of the 41st Senate District have spoken. Steve Saland’s defeat by Terry Gipson along with the able  assistance of Neil Di Carlo was long overdue. We look forward to Mr. Gipson  going to Albany to represent the people of the new 41st district. 
Steve Saland is a product of the Paroli political machine. Bill Paroli, Sr., many will recall was the long-time Dutchess County  Republican political boss who eventually found himself in the federal lockup for perpetrating acts of extortion. Saland is a part of the Paroli legacy of  corruption and greed. Steve Saland has been described as nothing more than a  base politician who has operated in the shadows for many years by those in his  own party. 

Governor Cuomo stated in his comment on Saland’s loss  to Terry Gipson that Saland demonstrated “courage” when he voted in favor of  same sex marriage. Cuomo’s statement begs a response. We are of the position that Saland demonstrated the opposite of what Cuomo stated. We call it  cowardice. Saland had promised his constituents that he would never vote in the  affirmative for making same sex marriage legal in New York State when he ran for office in 2010. Saland attacked his then opponent, Didi Barrett, who had stated that she would vote in the affirmative for same sex marriage. The focus of his  campaign was attacking Barrett’s position. Six months into Saland new term of  office, he voted in favor of same sex marriage. Saland not only betrayed those 
who had supported him, but he also betrayed himself. He clearly demonstrated  that he was not a man of his word. He took the coward’s way out by  claiming that he experienced a “spiritual journey”. He also took a great deal of money in exchange for his vote, beginning with a $10,300.00 donation from Mike  Bloomberg. Saland sold out for the almighty dollar. Saland was more than willing to become another Bloomberg puppet in Bloomberg’s quest to make as many counties  in New York State vassals of NYC that money can buy. Saland was more than a  willing participant in Bloomberg’s agenda. 

Saland knew that he had lost on election day. His ego  would not allow him to admit that publicly. More than one month after the  election, with 150 absentee ballots left to count and Gipson was leading by more that 1000 votes. What does Saland do? He concedes! How pathetic! Is this what a great man does? We don't believe so. But, Saland did. 

We will probably hear the usual fluff about all that  he did during his time in public office. That’s just plain ol’ window dressing. Saland presented himself as a hard working politician who achieved great things out of honest hard work. This has troubled many. But those in the political arena who  suffered his treachery and back room deals will, if they're honest, vilify him  into the wee hours. 

In the final analysis of his political career, Saland compromised what little  ethical values he had left for the sake of the almighty  dollar.

On January 1, 2013, Saland will be just a memory.
We  hope that his legacy and the political behavior that he learned at the knee of  the disgraced former Dutchess County Republican Committee chairman, William  Paroli, Sr. will quickly become just an unpleasant memory of the passing 


Good riddance to bad  rubbish.



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    December 2012