For an individual who 1) is unemployed 2) had to have his house remortgaged with a guanteerer 3) has a warrant for a tax lien from unpaid taxes from 'successful' business, Joe certainly has alot of money to throw at political organizations. Are they allowing him to participate solely due to the money he contributes?  LEt us not forget the key note speaker, Erik Hiaght who likes to also throw his money around.
Either the Hyde Park GOP is venturing into stand-up comedy or pickings are really slim as to who is left within the organization.

The writers at the HV News Lies have received word per the following e-mail that Joseph Kakish will be making his debut as the Master of Ceremonies at the St. Patrick's Day Dinner. For $40 you too can dine on corned beef and cabbage and be entertained by Joe Kakish as well as Erik 'Haight Crime' Haight. (Although better uses can be made with $ seeing a real comedy act)

Some events of interest this week are the Hyde Park GOP Corned Beef and Cabbage night  at Joseph's Steakhouse on Thursday at 6pm. DCYR Joe Kakish will be the MC, and I  have been asked to say a few words. DCYR and Commissioner of the  Board of  Elections, Erik Haight will be the keynote speaker. Tickets are  $40 and available at the door.

The writers find it interesting that the GOP continues to support and foster the political future of an individual that:

1) Lied about his occupation of being an attorney knowing full well that he failed his first attempt at the bar and hadn't even made his second attempt (he failed that one too).

2) Lied about being a member of the Knights of Columbus.

3) Lied about being a police cadet with the HP Police Department.

4) Lied about his capacity as a 'responsible' business owner (he was hit with a warrant for a NYS tax lien per the DC Clerk that is on file. Look up Kakish Day Care)

5) Failed at demonstrating his ability to comprehend local issues and how local government operates...remember  his statement that he didn't know much about local government but planned to find out once he was in office and the Whistle Stop faux pas when inteviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal?  Or the night before the election Joe still didn't know that the fire tax was a special district tax voted on in a special election? The list goes on and on... 

6) The Hyde Park GOP is out of touch with its constituents as Joseph Kakish is seen as a joke among many residents (just speak to a few and you'll see for yourself). This can be supported by the utter failure at his bid to be elected as supervisor through his loss of over 700 votes in last fall's election.

What does this say of the values of the Hyde Park GOP when they feel the need to have a person who has demonstrated dishonesty and deception in attempts to win an election represent them? (however, it can be argued that statement  lays guilt upon many affiliated with political parties).

If Joseph fails at this debut as a Master of Ceremonies, Erik Haight can always charge with with a 'Haight Crime' with the penalty will more than likely be forcing him to buy insurance from him.