It was announced on the Hyde Park Chamber website that Jim Langan will be the moderator of  the Supervisor Debate on October 27, 2011.

The outcome of this event can be compared to what would occur at cheap burlesque show featuring side show freaks (though I wouldn't want to see any of the participates sans clothing).

1) What interest does Jim Langan, the editor and owner of a newspaper have in being the moderator of a political debate? Does this violate NYS Election Law?

2) Why wouldn't the Democratic and Republican parties agree to an impartial moderator without any interests from outside the community in order to conduct a fair debate?

3) Exactly what terms where agreed upon in exchange for his role as moderator? Was there money involved? Was an agreement on exactly what he would report on both candidates?

4) Is the beginning of  Jim Langan's pursuit in politics in the Republican Party?

This is yet another example of the corruption that occurs in Hyde Park. *sigh*