In light of the discovery of James Kennedy Langan's history of embezzlment, perhaps Ms. Serino would care to comment on her choice of voting to appoint James Lanagan on the Police Advisory Committee?

Perhaps the other Town Board members got it right to vote 'Nay.'

I have emailed Ms. Serino to question her reasons for wanting to appoint Mr. Langan per the following e-mail:

Ms. Serino,   In light of the discovered information of Mr. James Kennedy Langan embezzling over $18,000 during the period he worked as a broker, perhaps you care to explain your vote to appoint him to the Police Advisory Committee?   Did Mr. Langan disclose this information to you beforehand? I'm sure that the public would be very interested in your reason to appoint an individual who was found guilty of embezzling his client's money to a position that represents law enforcement.   If you haven't already been notified of the said charges, I have included a link to the information for you to review.   I eagerly await your response.   AD

I will post her response as soon (or if) she replies.

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