The plot thickers as per campaign finance reform information availabe online indicates that Mr. Fleischer,  Democrat who urged all to vote Democrat in his Letter to the Editor contributed to the Hyde Park Republican Committee dated October 7, 2011 per the following website:

Interesting to note is that per the attached, Mr. Kakish also contributed to the Republican Committee, a rather considerable amount for someone who is currently unemployed. He made this donation after he was nominated and prior to the caucus, so perhaps did give a thank you or was it a for a favor to the Republican party leaders?
The question looms. Considering Mr. & Mrs. Langan are in the red with their finances, exactly how do they manage to continue to pay out their staff's salaries and pay their publisher along with other incidental costs, such as paying a mortgage on a home they purchased for approximately $1.25 million dollars.

Who exactly is bankrolling this venture of theirs? The Hudson Valley News Lies received information that allegedly, the backers of their paper is none other than Mr. Michael Dupree and Mr. Michael Fleischer. Mr. Dupree, as you may know is the Treasurer of the Hyde Park Democratic Committee and serves as the Chairman of the Planning Board. His name also appears in the Daily Freeman in the April 7, 2011 edition when he was arrested for DWI. Mr. Michael Fleischer is the owner of Holby Valve Company located at 1146 2ND AVE, NEW YORK, NY which specializes in heating, cooling and plumbing supplies. Apparently, Mr. Dupree and Mr. Fleischer have money to burn considering that they were featured in a NY Times article which indicated that 17 years ago they purchased a small greek revival home in Hyde Park for a song...$282,500.

They also make rather large campaign contributions to their choice of candidates...a one time donation that is equivalent to what one may pay for one and one-half month's mortgage. In 2010 alone, Mr. Dupree donated over $15,000 to political causes while Mr. Fleischer's totaled $17,500. The below downloadable documents are a list of their campaign contributions. And these contributions are to the congressional campaigns. There are more donations to local and state campaigns. Are these men buying their way to power?

These searches may be conducted on your own on the following site:

I should also add that Mr. Fleischer wrote a Letter to the Editor that was featured in the October 23, 2011 edition of the Poughkeepsie Journal as follows:

Team Hyde Park takes pride in community
Hyde Park voters have a clear choice this year, Team
Hyde Park, the Democratic (row A) candidates for supervisor and Town Board. They are volunteers who have shown their love for our town by serving on planning boards, zoning boards, fire departments and committees that seek to better our lives.

The current Republican Town Board (with one shining
exception) is made up of those who had never volunteered for anything, and their treatment of citizens and their self-interest are a disgrace. Since this November's Republican ticket is made up of unknowns ("anybody but Tom Martino and Michael Taylor" types) voters should vote row A Democratic and return pride
to this great community.

Michael Fleischer

Hyde Park

Note that he did not mention that he was connected and involved with the Hyde Park Democratic Committee and how he described one town board member as a 'shining exception.' At first glance you may think that this resident obviously doesn't pay attention to her (Serino) voting record or her mental disorientation at town board meetings. But look into it deeper and considering his connections through his partner, it is apparent that somehow Sue Serino, Michael Dupree and Jim Langan are somehow entangled in an association thats prime motive is to discredit the current town board.

Mr. Dupree and Mr. Fleischer's association with the Langan's is that are active with Mrs. Langan in various social organizations including the Friends of Mills and the Winnakee  Land Trust. Mr. Dupree and Mrs. Langan were photographed at a Christmas Party for the Friends of Mills as per below and also on the website. According to rumor Mr. Dupree has been seen picking up the tab when he joins Mr. & Mrs. Langan for dinner at various establishments, most notably Coppola's in Hyde Park.

In regards to the comment Mr. Fleischer wrote about volunteering within the community, Mr. Monks and Mr. Athanas are active within causes for veterns, Mr. Monks has volunteered with Meals on Wheels, Mr. Athanas volunteers with the Farmer's Market and Mr. Martino volunteered his time to the community with coaching Little League and founding the first Hyde Park Lacrosse league.

As I fondly like to refer to using your critical thinking skills, all of this points to one direction.  This could be that in the grand scheme, Mr. Dupree's motives for funding Mr. Langan's paper is to discredit the Hyde Park Republicans so that come this November, the Democrats, including Mr. Dupree will be at the helm of the USS Hyde Park. Fortunately for the Democrats, the Hyde Park Republican party leaders apparently lack the needed brain power to figure this all out. But as far as for Sue Serino, the 'shining exception,' her handlers hopefully will throw her some bones.
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