Meet the new supervisor...Joanne Lown. Sources at town hall have indicated that a meeting of town employees was conducted upon request by the pseudo supervisor Aileen Rohr.
But who conducted the meeting and laid down the law to the town hall employees? Was it Emily Svenson, the deputy supervisor? No, it was none other than the new full-time accounting clerk Joanne Lown. Aileen Rohr, the supervisor that was elected sat alongside the other town hall employees and took notes.  The purpose of the meeting was assigning Joanne to instruct her co-workers and superiors on the new policies and procedures that the town hall employees would be abiding by going forward.

The question the readers should ask themselves is why would an accounting clerk be conducting meetings in the capacity that a supervisor or manager should be doing? Why would a clerk be instructing her co-workers and superisors on their expecations as an employee?
This demonstrates that Aileen Rohr is incompetant as a leader and must delegate a clerk to hold and conduct such meetings. Joanne's competency should also be scrutinized as the documentation that she created several hundred thousand dollars of accounting errors is available to the public (per a FOIL request) on the 2006 & 2009 auditor's report which are also published on this website. 

Rumor has it that Joanne has scores to settle among those that she dislikes at town hall and will influence Aileen Rohr to either terminate their employment or create a hostile workplace enviroment so that they will resign all together.  It's just a matter of time. The HV News Lies will keep the readers informed and updated.