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Have you seen this man?
County Legislator for District 4.  
Last seen at the County Legislator Meetings approximately five (5) months ago. Whereabout now unknown, but speculated to be residing somewhere in Ulster County. If seen, please contact the Dutchess County Legistlature at (845) 486-2100.

It seems that D.J. Sadowski has become the Howard Hughes of Hyde Park, but unlike HH who vanished and later was confirmed to be holed up in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse suite, Mr. Sadwowski's whereabouts are presently unknown. He is rumored to be residing across the mighty Hudson River in the Town of Highland.

D.J. a known acquaintance of none other than Mr. James Kennedy Langan was voted into office, did what he had to do in the county legislature to satisfy his own self-fulfilling needs and then he split.

Why is this wrong? Being voted into office is a contractual agreement between the elected official and the voters. The voters have the expectation that the individual in office will be representing them in the public and political sphere and the elected official has an obligation to fulfill these duties until their term in office is completed. Mr. Sadowski did none of this. He simply vanished in what can be considered a blatant 'screw you' move to his constituents. So who exactly is representing District 4? Realistically, as of this moment, no one, but in theory D.J. Sadowski is because allegedly he is still drawing his legislator's salary. He has not resigned from his position through he has made himself scarce over the past several months.

And yes, this is quite illegal. Mr. Sadowski can be brought up on fraud charges but let's face it, considering the antics and the criminal activities that occur within the political machine, most likely Mr. Sadowski will continue to reside in Highland and draw upon his legislator's salary through the end of the year.

Need I point out that as a known acquaintance of Mr. Jim Langan, he shares similtudes with many other of Mr. Langan's close allies. Both Mr. Sadowski and Ms. Serino have made themselves absent from their  respective legislative meetings. Both have done nothing in their capacities as legislators (D.J. did what he had to do in regards to a law regarding unions, voted in favor of the $40,000 election charge back tax as his grand finale and then made a hasty exit and Sue hasn't created one piece of legislation in Hyde Park).  If this the rumors of residence in another county are true and D.J. is committing fraud, well then he has something to talk about with Jean and Yancy McArthur as they are rather fond of engaging in fraudulent activities.  And Mr. Langan's other friend, Mr. Goddard allegedly spent more time roaming the halls of town hall than fufilling his job functions at his duty station, not to mention the incident in 1998 when he was charged with tampering and falsifying official documents. He now has been rendered sick and sore per his suit against the Town of Hyde Park.

How appropriate to summarize this blog with the proverb, 'Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.'

Feel free to contact Mr. Sadowski per the contact information in the Dutchess County Listing of Legislators:
~ District  4 - Hyde Park ~

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  • E-Mail:
  • PO Box 643
  • Hyde Park, NY 12538
  • (H) (845) 229-1266;
  • (Business Fax) (845) 486-2113