There's a few points I would like to address in this blog regarding the possiblity that Hyde Park election results have been fixed.

Last month, the Republican & Democrat Committee members met at Coppola's Restaurant in Hyde Park with James Kennedy Langan in tow to discuss the upcoming supervisor debate. However, plans to include a third candidate, the current supervisor, was not included. How were they to know that Mr. Martino would not be running on the Independent line because he would not win the primary election...

The Republican Town Committee Chairwoman frauduently had family members register to vote using her home address (when they resided in other towns according to the sheriff affidavits posted on a past blog) and they voted in the 2009 town election.

Has Ms. McArthur had others fraudulently register to vote as Independents and Republicans in order to cast their ballot for Mr. Kakish in the caucus and primary elections?

According to rumor, many of Mr. Kakish's relatives, and there are many of them, showed up at the Republican Caucus in August, which isn't violating any laws. However, some of them DO NOT live in the Hyde Park voting district. It was rumored that his parents were in attendence and according to record, because they live at 22 Corine Dr, Poughkeepsie NY, they are not eligible to vote in the town caucus. (and on a side note it is interesting that his parents, Siad and Margaret also have a MASSIVE amount of judgements ranging from tax liens to warrants for property seizure in their names on the DC County Clerk's website, for a total of over 85 documents in which they are listed as defendents). As non-residents they violated procedures merely being at the caucus. Did they happend to vote in the caucus as well?

What I can conclude from this, is that if it looks like BS and smells like BS it probably is BS.