The Hudson Valley News had a printed article on the Debates among the supervisor candidates that was planned. According to rumor, the democratic and republican candidates and committee members met long with Jim Langan in attendance at Coppola's to discuss and come to an agreement on the debates. There's one thing that they forgot though. If Tom Martino is running, why wasn't he included? 

A conclusion can be made, because as current supervisor, Mr. Martino is extremely knowledgeable not only of related laws, policies and procedures, but also of current projects that are ongoing, such as the CIA Hotel Project.  In a debate, would either Mr. Kakish or Ms. Rohr stand a chance? Is this planned debate being held on a curve to make both participants appear as red giants rather than white dwarfs?

Let's look at some of the responsibilities of the role of supervisor. Its description is as follows:
The town supervisor primarily acts as a member of the legislative branch of town government and possesses limited authority as leader of the town board. The town board is responsible for administering and deciding on all legislative and executive concerns, and its members are elected along with the town supervisor. While the town supervisor leads the town board, she or he does not posses executive powers to veto a decision or make the final decision on a tied vote. The town supervisor is responsible for the town's monies by acting as treasurer and is also responsible for leasing, selling and administering all properties owned by the town. Depending on the town, a town supervisor has additional duties depending on circumstance and location.

In addition, town supervisors need also to be familiar with federal and state labor laws, federal and/or state laws pertaining to land, zoning and elections, to name a few facets, as they essentially will be the manager of the town.

Do these candidates possess any of the above requirements needed to fulfill their duties as Supervisor? Aileen has served on the Planning Board and Zoning Board, so she may be familiar with the functions of each board. As far as the ability to manage an entire town I cannot comment because I am not familiar with her experience. However, she was the Stop the Sprawl's spokesperson for quite some time, so how would her experience affect her decision on land and zoning laws in regards to economic developments in the town?

And what about Mr. Kakish? Mr. Kakish stats on his Facebook page in that promotes his run as supervisor that he worked in the home loans department of Wells Fargo 'where I learned how to work with different financial situations and coming up with a solution to help our clients. and later at Brotmann, Oros & Brusca law firm where I was a paralegal.' I find the statement of his experience at Wells Fargo ironic considering the multiple jugdments that are on file against him and his wife.

He then points out, 'I attended law school at Southern New England School of Law where I received my Juris Doctorate. While attending law school I was the lead counsel and member of the mock trial team for 2 years, I attended the immigration clinic where I worked with clients, performing interviews, legal research, wrote memorandums, explored options, and gave clients the opportunity to choose the right solution, and worked on a trial which we won. I also was elected to the Student Bar Association. '

I would also like to mention that this school is one of the lowest ranked laws schools in the nation and that working on a mock trail team is nothing extraordinary as most law school students participate in this process.

According to rumor, Mr. Kakish is currently unemployed (with the exception of his co-owned daycare) and is seeking election to supervisor because he is in need of a job. Mr. Kakish's voting record indicates that he has NOT voted in a local election since moving to Hyde Park. He only recently attended his FIRST town board meeting only after being named the republican candidate. 

Out of curiosity, how exactly did Mr. Kakish all of a sudden decide to run for town supervisor, having displayed no interest in previous years of participating in his local town government? Was he approached by certain committee members while shopping at the local supermarket? Is he a customers of a certain oil company in town?

This debate should be interesting. You have on one hand, one person who, in her affiliation with Stop the Sprawl and letters published on this site, has publicized her reluctance to promote economic development in this town (because Hyde Park, the tourist capital of the region competes with Cape Cod in terms of visitors) and on the other, a political pre-schooler who has no experience what so-ever in management.
I wonder if either of them will be explain the 2% tax cap and the effects it will have on the town and its budget.

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