The 'official' version is that Aileen Rohr's secretary found other employment elsewhere. Similar to the same spin given that the Comptroller 'agreed' to an $8,000 pay decrease or that the part-time accounting clerk found another job (she was already working for another municipality).

According to sources at Town Hall, the actual reason is that Aileen Rohr is irascible and appears to be over her head in the responsibilities expected of her as supervisor. Word has it that she is not returning phone calls or e-mails from residents wishing to speak to her nor is she accepting any new appointments for the time being, with the excuse that her dance card is full.

Will this be the type of behavior that Aileen will be engaging in for the next two years? Hopefully Aileen will get her trash in rdIntimidating the employees of the town and neglecting her promise of 'open government' and communicating with her constituents.


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    January 2012