Mr. Langan is hosting an event at his home supporting wounded veterns in which Congressman Gibson is expected to attend.
Exactly how sincere is this example of charity to a cause supporting those who served? Considering his cheap shots at a vetern who serves on the Town Board, it appears this event is self-serving for his own interests.

Page 7 of the July 20, 2011 edition of his paper he writes, ' There is no truth to the rumor sweeping Hyde Park that Casey Anthony has relocated here and be appointed to the Town Board, replacing Admiral Jim Monks who has been deployed to lead our naval efforts in Afghanistan. The whisper was Martino thought that having Anthony on the board would make him more likeable.'

Page 8 of the May 20, edition he writes:

 The last Ziegfeld Follies girl died last week. Doris Eaton Travis was 106 and Broadway will dim its lights today in her honor. There is no truth to the rumor Hyde Park Councilman “Admiral” Jim Monks was her prom date in high school. 

In the July 14, 2011 edition on page 8 he writes:

 In a crushing blow to Hyde Park’s grouchy old Councilman Jim Monks, a Russian woman has been determined to be the world’s oldest person, temporarily dethroning Admiral Monks. Antish Khyichava was born in the old Soviet state of Georgia in 1880, making her 130 years old. Khyichava did, however, tell Hudson Valley News she had fond memories of Hyde Park and remembered meeting Monks at FDR’s christening.

So he thinks making a joke out of a vetern's service is funny. Not funny Jim, especially since you never held the honorable to serve your country.

Mr. Langan also compates the members of the Town Board, two of which are veterns, to conducting the meetings similiar to Nazi show trials, to which anyone who dares speaks are subject to the wrath of the Nazis on page 7 of the April 13, 2011 edition.

In the June 8, 2011 edition, he quotes his guest columnist, Jean McArthur as calling the Town Board, which includes two service members as 'lunatics.'

On page 6 of the December 15, 2010 edition he refers to 'Admiral' Jim Monks with in his measurement on the Thug-O-Meter. 'Admiral' Monks is also measured on the Thug-O-Meter  in the June 15, 2011 edition as well as taking a cheap shot at Mike 'Mumbles' Athanas (who coincidently doesn't advertise in the HV News)