On the front page of this weeks Hudson Valley News is the story of candidates announcing their candidacy for the newly created 106th Assembly District...and Yancy McArthur happens to be one of them.

The writers at the HV News Lies had heard rumors regarding this several weeks ago and were hoping that Yancy would get the hint that with a record of 1-6, he is unelectable. However, he may have some tricks up his sleeve. Much like the 2009 election, he just may have several of his family members and friends who do not reside in the 106th District fraudulently register to vote just so he may get elected.

Aside from his educational background of reportedly being a high school dropout and stories of his unsavory character, is someone who engages in felonious behaviors  the type of representation that you would want in Albany?

§ 17–104. False registration

Any person who:

1. Registers or attempts to register as an elector in more than one election district for the same election, or more than once in the same election district; or,

2. Registers or attempts to register as an elector, knowing that he will not be a qualified voter in the district at the election for which such registration is made; or

3. Registers or attempts to register as an elector under any name but his own; or

4. Knowingly gives a false residence within the election district when registering as an elector; or

5. Knowingly permits, aids, assists, abets, procures, commands or advises another to commit any such act, is guilty of a felony.