Joseph Kakish, associate of Yancy McArthur who has demonstrated engaging in voter fraud in attempts to win the county legislator seat in 2009, arrived together at the Budget workshop meeting. Mr. Kakish it should be duly noted wore a windbreaker with 'Joseph Kakish, Town Supervisor' at an event on November 2nd. Mr. Martino, who apparently is a reader of this site, along with the other Town Board member Mr. Athanas, called him out on it at the budget workshop meeting on November 3rd. This meeting which started out somewhat professional turned into a hot mess when Sue Serino accused Tom Martino of cutting Walt Doyle's salary as a personal vendetta. What should be noted is that all salaries were reduced, however, it is rumored that Mr. Doyle has removed himself from the responsibility of maintaining Town Hall and the Hyde Park Police Station, which could be the reason why his salary was also reduced.

Throughout the meeting Mr. Kakish and Mr. McArthur were disrupting the the meeting with comments from the peanut gallery and Mr. Kakish, egged on by Mr. McArthur decided to take the microphone and make a proclamation that he's going to take back the town. This is in contrast when he  attends town board meetings by himself and behaves rather meek, particularly when he profusely thanked Mr. Martino at the October 24, 2011 meeting for allowing him to speak at the public comment. So...there you have it. Yancy McArthur is pulling the strings of Mr. Kakish. The puppet and puppeteer in the flesh. Notice in the below video that Yancy throws in a 'Yeah!" when Mr. Kakish walks back to his seat.

However, in regards to Joseph Kakish and his title of 'Supervisor.' He has demonstrated that he may have knowledge that the election will be fixed: 1) Jean and Yancy McArthur has engaged in voter fraud previously and are willing to engage in it again in order to obtain power 2) Mr. Kakish is related to a very large klan, the Nesheiwats and may have had these family members register to vote in Hyde Park simply to have him elected as supervisor.

Election Day is in one week...the plot thickens...