Both Ms. Rohr and Mr. Kakish attended a ribbon cutting ceremony promoted by the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce at the 2 Taste Food & Wine Bar. It was reported that what was supposed to be an apolitical event turned into campaign  event when both candidates made speeches to the attendees. Quite noticeably absent from the event was Mr. Jim Langan who is apparently is in reclusion over the recent events that revealed him to be an embezzler.

According to several of the attendees what was even more noticeable was that Mr. Kakish donned a nylon windbreaker which was embroidered on the front with 'Joseph Kakish Hyde Park Supervisor.' Is a reflection of his self-condfidence or a blatant faux pas display of egotism and arrogance? Either which way, it equivocates, just as Mr. Kakish failed the (a considerably easy) bar exam twice, he is not astute and judicious as this can be interpreted by the public as pure pompousness. Candidates have won and lost elections based upon the most trival details and while an embroidered jacket may seem frivolous, the success of a campaign is based upon the public's perception of the candidate. One of the most significant example of such was the Kennedy vs. Nixon debates that was one of the first televised debates that catapulted Kennedy to lead Nixon simply because of the observation made by the television viewers. And while M. Kakish may think he has the supervisor position in the bag, he shouldn't be so quick to assume just as Gov. Thomas Dewey's supporters did in 1948.,0,6484067.story
Mr. Kakish, being a political science major should be familiar of this.

Final Thought: Who exactly is this campaign manager that is grooming Mr. Kakish, because for lack of a better word....they suck.