The writers at the HV News Lies have an idea of how Jim Langan can make a quick buck or two to boost his monthly income of $866 a month: appear on TLC's reality show 'My Strange Addiction'.
Jim Langan appears to have an obsession with the ex supervisor Thomas Martino. We have received correspondence that Jim featured Tom Martino in his most recent weekly addition...again. Tom Martino has either been featured or at least mentioned in ALMOST EVERY single edition of his paper since he took office January 2010: Archive Issues 
The kicker of this blog is, Tom Martino isn't supervisor anymore. In fact, we have received word that he hasn't even attended a town board meeting since he left office, nor has he been in attendence to any political event, etc. So what is Jim Langan's deal anyways? The writers here are speculating...doesn't Caroline do it for him?
Whatever the reason, the writers at the HV News Lies think it's just plain weird.
In regards to the latest editorial that was published Jim really needs to state and disclose truthful and correct information if he's going to throw around statistics.

1) Town poperty tax increased 20%. In October 2009, the voters approved to borrow the monies to build a new and much needed police and court facility. Approximately 10% of increase of the town tax was a result of the bonds of the police/court facility that are due to be paid.
2) Jim takes a jab at the Chamber of Commerce in his editorial, which the writers find so ironic considering he at one time was an active member of the Chamber. He has since resigned and the writers were told he did so in a letter that was filled with colorful language.
Jim was apparently rather...angry and bitter that he was told NOT to show up to last October's Supervisor Debate at Coppola's.