Located in the business section on page 6B  in the April 3 edition is the 148 word article headlined, "Bankruptcy won't affect weekly, 2 say."


Either the Poughkeepsie Journal was notified of Jim Langan's bankruptcy, or in a tactic to address and avert attention away from his financial problems, Jim Langan provided the Journal with his bankruptcy case.

Within this short article is pertinent information regarding Jim Langan and his paper:

1) Caroline Carey and Jim Langan each own 50 percent of the company.

2) The company's debts are in excess of $22,000.

3) The filing indicates that the business does not show a profit and the debtors do not draw a salary.

4) Jim Langan stated that the business is 'doing reasonably well.'

Perhaps one of the readers can make a make sense of how Jim Langan can make the conclusion that his business that does not generate any income is 'doing reasonably well.' The writers at the HV News Lies are in speculation that this may be another one of his delusions, similar to the one that he was a presidential aide to Richard Nixon and he spent his boyhood summers at the Kennedy compound chillaxing with Teddy and the gang. 

Question: If the business is "doing reasonably well" then how exactly is it being funded?

Jim Langan is not very keen...he should be aware that a) his statement is now in print and 2) his upcoming bankruptcy hearing is approaching.