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Today on the local news channel a story was featured concerning the allegations that William and Tom Martino physically attacked Jim Langan and his wife. It was also revealed that he stole over $18,000. How interesting that thirty years later Jim Langan still can't admit that he stole, referring to the incident as 'complete nonsense.' So, the NYSE and the SEC are lying about the entire 'mishap.' The above document was downloaded from the SEC website and the decision from the NYSE.

Mr. Langan must take the people in the community for fools.

1) Why should we believe an individual that a) stole and b) lied and still continues to lie about his past action. If the NYSE actions were erroneous, then why didn't he respond to the charges brought against him. He had over six months and numerous requests made from the NYSE until a decision was made. He didn't make any attempts to respond with the exception of one communication made from his retained attorney which indicated he was invoking his Fifth Amendment rights. Both he and his lawyer were a no-show at the hearing.  A failure to respond to the charges is an admission of guilt. He's had thirty years to clear his name and did he do it? Nope.

2) Why should we believe an individual who stated that he was privy to Morton Downey's fabricated attack by skinheads? I see a corelation between that incident and the most recent claim that he was physically attacked in broad daylight, on the side of the busy highway Rt. 9, in front of a storefront and nobody bothered to stop or call the police to breakup this altercation. Maybe I'm using my critcal thinking skills, but that smells...fishy.

3) If he was physically attacked as so he claims, then why weren't the supervisor and his son arrested on the spot and taken into custody. Perhaps it's because he WASN'T attacked. Perhaps Mr. Langan was so rattled that his dirty past is no longer secret and those that he has harrassed now has the 'goods' on him. This could be a pathetic attempt and  try to deflect his past by creating this 'incident.'

4) If I recall, Mr. Langan has used his paper to harrass and personally attack members of the Town Board for the past 18 or so months on a WEEKLY basis through the various articles and cover photos. Somehow, in his thinking, itsdo so, but not for anyone else who wants to expose him for his dubious past which includes lying and stealing. 

5) Mr. Langan claims that there was an 'official warning' given to the Martino's. Well, for your information Jim, according to NYS law, there is no such thing as an 'official warning.'  What is this, do it again and you'll go to Hudson Valley News Jail?

I remember a fable that was told to me as a child and you too may recall it. It's the Boy Who Cried Wolf, except in this case,  Mr. Langan is still crying wolf.