A comment was posted this morning on this blog with some indiscrepencies that I would like to correct. My corrections and comments are in red lettering.

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@Patrick Henry:

How about the Martino board? Do you believe there's much left in the bank accounts after his empire building?
First they reinstated the town clerk salary to what the previous town clerk made even though much of her salary was based on longevity.
Ms. McGrogan's salary has not been increased. There was consideration to increasing it, however it was not done. I searched through the minutes of the Town Board meetings and was only able to locate the following in which her salary was set and still stands at $40,000.
I should point out that Ms. McGrogan, according to her 2009 campaign literature has seven years experience as a deputy town clerk. I should also add that her predecessor, Carol Clearwater salary was at $52,000 when she left office, so the salary of the Town Clerk was not restored.

They later hired another parttime clerk, since the town clerk complained about the amount of work there was.
The town of Hyde Park is, if I'm not mistaken the fourth largest municipality in Dutchess County with over 25,000 residents.

They hired a comptroller who was unable to do the work of maintaining the town's financial information.
And that comptroller is not longer employed by the Town of Hyde Park.

They hired a parttime police chief to "save money", then made his position full-time with a salary of $100,000 this year. If you read the resolution of June 13, 2011, with an increase of at least 3% every year until 2015. He also receives longevity compensation. It goes on and on with other costly provisions of that resolution.

1) The Town of Hyde Park does not pay Chief Broe's benefits as he receives benefits through his retirement from his time with the Newburgh Police Dept.

2) The 3% increase was a stipulation of a negotiated contract. Don't like it? Speak to the town's labor attorney.

3) In comparision to other larger towns in the area:

Town of Poughkeepsie Chief Thomas Mauro -$134, 155
City of Poughkeepsie Chief Ron Knapp $119,666
Town of Newburgh Chief, John Mahoney $111,481
City of Newburgh Police Chief Michael Ferrara $104, 723

Feel free to lookup the salaries of other public employees:


I only hope there is something left in the coffers for the next town board to use for daily expenses.

The names James K. Langan was found to be included in a listing of the class of 1971 for Boston College, however, no graduation photo is published in the Sub turri yearbook.
The address listed in the directory is 440 Washonton Ave, Brookline, MA.

If this is the same James K. Langan that is the editor of the HV News, and a presidential aide for Nixon, he would have graduated college with a Bachelor's at the age of 24 on a six year plan. Several months later he would become a representative trainee per the NYSE document.

So, exactly at what point in time did Mr. Langan serve as a 'presidential aide' to President Nixon? Or perhaps was he just another goofy

A claim made by Jim Langan as a former presidential aide is as follows: Jim Langan is a columnist with the Taconic Press in New York. He has served as an aide to President Richard Nixon and was the Executive Producer of "The Morton Downey Jr. Show". He has vowed never to vote for Hillary Clinton while still a free man.

There are a few questions to be asked about this claim. First of all, Langan was born in 1947. So when Nixon took office in 1969, Mr. Langan was 22. In 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned he was 27. Presidential aide? Most likely not. Gofer to the presidential aides? More than likely.

Now, this is interesting. There was a James Kennedy Langan that was found guilty of misappropriating (stealing in layperson's terms) at least $18,177.31 from the accounts of six customers during the time he was employed at Drexel Burnham Lambert Incorporated. The date of the below document is Sept. 21, 1981 (and the information within would conicide with the age of 25 when he became employed as a trainee representative in 1972).  Neither James Kennedy Langan or his attorney appeared at the hearing to dispute the said charges (which may be considered to be an admission of guilt). In fact, after he was terminated from his job, seems he got the hell out of Dodge considering mail notifying him of the impending legal proceedings was unclaimed and returned (in act of cowardice). Being found guilty by unaminous vote, James Kennedy Langan was permanently barred from membership with the NYSE and any employment with any member or any organization. If this is the same James Kennedy Langan (and there is only ONE James Kennedy Langan that is a result of a people search) that is the owner of the HV News and who married Caroline Carey (who coincidently also worked in investment banking) per the following wedding announcement, http://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/01/style/caroline-m-carey-james-k-langan.html 

it would explain why he ended up as a producer of the Morton Downey Jr. show (because he was no longer able to be employed in the banking & finance industry). For those who are unfamiliar with the show, it was the precursor to Jerry Springer in the 1980's, but much sleazier. Which explains his style of reporting in his paper = Utter trash.
Click the link below and the pdf file to view Mr. Langan's criminal history.

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