One reader left a comment asking who is ultimately responsible for the school budget. More information on the Hyde Park Central School District is available on the HPCSD  website:

The Board of Education is described on the website as follows:
The Board of Education consists of seven unsalaried, uncompensated individuals who are elected by the community for staggered three-year terms. Under the Education Law of NYS, the Board is a corporate body responsible for the education of students who attend the schools of the district; for the preparation of the annual budget; for district adherence to state law and State Education Department regulations; for the establishment of policies; and for the adoption of regulations concerning the conduct of the public schools. The Superintendent of Schools, is charged witht he administration of Board policies.
The Board policy on public participation at meetings specifies that district residents or employees may publicly address the  Board. Non-residents may do so in writing through the District Clerk. If a speaker wishes to present materials, they should be given to the Clerk for
distribution. Written communication can be addressed the Board at the following address:
HPCSD Board of
PO Box 2033
Hyde Park, NY 12538-8033

The Board of Education members are elected, however, this election does not receive the attention it deserves as these indviduals are responsible for policies, procedures and preparing the annual budget, which conists of approximately 70% of the total tax bill that residents pay. Please see the below calender for more information on the 2012-2013 budget.
A reader left a comment on yesterday's Jim Langan's bankruptcy blog:

Writer of this website, could you please explain to me since you seem to know a lot of the wrongdoings of the town hall in Hyde Park, why on earth re voting is allowed when something is voted down but it never seems to come back through when a budget is passed even though a lot of people don't agree with it?

This is a topic that the writers here at the HV News Lies would like to address. The issue of the re-vote is one that should be examined more closely. The propositions were voted down last fall. A group of individuals made alot of noise. The propositions were re-voted on and passed this past Tuesday.  Though this is a school district issue which is seperate from town issues, it warrants the writers to point out critical factors that many readers may not be aware of.  Some background information:

1) The Hyde Park school district is in the red for $5.9 million dollars, the result of poor fiscal management.

2) The school district hired a consultant for $17,000 to anaylze and formulate more cost effective avenues that the district could take. The consultant proposed that Hyde Park Elementary, should be closed to create cut costs to the tune of $1.17 million.  It should be noted that HPE has the smallest number of students in attendence of all the schools. The result of this? Droves of parents and others came out to rally against it, including yours truly, Jim Langan. One business owner, John Coppola cited nostaglia is why the town should be kept open as it was dedicated by FDR in 1940. He said that it would be another empty building in town. HOWEVER, didn't anyone consider that many empty schools are rented out to organizations while they are not in use? This could produce some type of income for the school district. The consultant's report is listed below. The readers of this blog are encouraged to read this report.

3) Your truly, Jim Langan interviewed the town board members on their thoughts and stance on the re-vote. The readers should be aware that the school district and the town are seperate entities and operate as such. This town board, however, is attempting to intergrate the school district and town board.

Joe Petito is a committe member on the HP School Closing Committee. They meet Monday nights...Joe Petito has town board meetings on Monday nights....the readers can figure this out. Mr. Michael Dupree is also on these school board committee as is the Disaster Preparedness Czar, John Bickford. 

Please note that  that the majority of these individuals are 1) affiliated with the Hyde Park School District through employment, which means that their job is in jeopardy and/or 2) members of the Hyde Park Democratic Party and Chamber of Commerce. This group is comprised of individuals that have something to lose and nothing to gain should this school close.

There are virtually no individuals that represent groups that would be significantly affected by the budget gap which includes senior citizens, childless couples or parents who either home school or have children in private schools.

The question the readers of this blog should consider is why would the school district pay $17,000 to have a study done, be given recommendations, and then dismiss them?