It has come to the attention of the writers at the HV News Lies that Yancy McArthur is at it again in attempts to use his power to influence others to bend the rules for HIS desired outcome. His latest caper is the stop signs on Franklin Rd, which was a topic of the agenda on January 23, 2012 meeting.

The writers at the HV News Lies found it interesting that it was not disclosed by Yancy McArthur that one of the stop signs happens to be located on the southeast corner of his yard.  Rather than have to mow around it he wants it gone and is using his position as a fire commissioner (and FORMER supervisor) to be rid of this burden.

His basis for the removal of the signs is that it may affect the response time to fire calls, however, he cannot provide any data to support how the stop signs are affecting the time it takes to arrive at a call.

Here are some facts that the readers should consider:

1) There are stop signs at all three access points to the firehouse: Bill Reynolds & Roosevelt Road, Bill Reynolds & Haviland Road, Wright Ave and Rt. 9G and Franklin Road. In addition, there is a traffic signal at the intersection of Haviland Road and Rt. 9G. Why aren't the other intersections where there are traffic devices being considered for removal if these traffic devices are concern for the response time for the fire department?

2) Per the Roosevelt #3 website (  the call log indicates the following:

2008- 100 calls
2009-45 calls
2010-9 calls
2011-7 calls, 6 of which were mutual aid calls, which means they were either assisting another fire district or on stand-by.

Is this dwindling number of calls even enough to substaniate the argument that the stop signs are impeding the response time to fire calls?

3) Per NYS Law, authorized emergency vehicles do not have to come to a complete stop per the following:
Per NYS Law: Section 509-G . Section 1104:
§ 1104. Authorized emergency vehicles.
(a) The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, when involved in an emergency operation, may exercise the  privileges set forth in this section, but subject to the conditionsherein stated.

 (b) The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle may:

    1. Stop, stand or park irrespective of the provisions of this title;

    2. Proceed past a steady red signal, a flashing red signal or  a  stop sign,  but  only  after  slowing  down  as  may  be  necessary  for safe operation;

    3. Exceed the maximum speed limits so long as  he  does  not  endanger life or property;

    4.  Disregard  regulations governing directions of movement or turning in specified directions.

4) Bill Truitt and Yancy talk about the 'hundreds of people' that are complaining about the signs in question, yet they have no basis of who these complaintants are. It's very convenient to claim that there are 'hundreds of people' that support their request, but ironically neither Yancy or Bill Truitt could produce one of these people at the town board meeting to speak on behalf of the request to remove the signs.  The writers at the HV News Lies speculate that more than likely these 'hundreds of people' are no more than mere products of their mental invention. People have bigger fish to fry than complaining about a stop sign that adds another 5 seconds onto their morning commute.

The conclusion of the writers here at the HV News Lies is that Yancy is using his position to sway town law to his favor rather than just being honest and telling the public he's just too lazy to mow around the stop sign.

*Food for thought: Apparently Yancy has a penchant for introducing himself as the 'former' supervisor of Hyde Park. Perhaps someone should ask him when he uses that introduction why isn't he the CURRENT supervisor...

Cullen Stewart
01/26/2012 4:30pm

Got to take issue with you here, Tom... No one could speak to this as there were no public comments at the WORKSHOP. There will be open discussions next week and at the public hearing for any law passed to change the stop sign arrangement. Given the number of folks ending up on your lawn I am sure you will exercise your right to speak up at the appropriate time! In fact, I look forward to it!

Cullen Stewart
01/26/2012 5:00pm

100,000 views? Hmmmm.... the web statistics certainly do not support that. Looks to me like the real number is less than 1% of that! Beginning to think that this whole site is a bunch of "Hudson Valley Lies".

Truth Seeker
01/27/2012 2:53pm

Over 500+ views per day for the past 26 do the math.

Unwanted attention
01/26/2012 9:31pm

Yancy you are bringing negative attention to our fire house. With only 7 calls last year and trying to move forward with the new fire house, many people might start to question why we need a new place.

Shame on Yancy
01/27/2012 7:20am

Yancy has possibly set off an anti-Roosevelt FD campaign. This guy allowed the fact that the fire house around the corner from his residence answered 7 calls in 2011. How stupid! He just wasn't thinking of the consequences. Do taxpayers want to fund a fire house that answered 7 calls? Do taxpayers want to pay for a new firehose that is proposed for a company that answered 7 calls in 2011, 6 of which was for mutual aid? 7 call in one year averages out to be .58 calls per month.I certainly hope that Yancy McArthur is not representative of the type of persons who make the important decisions for the Roodevelt District. If he is, the district has a very large problem.

01/28/2012 7:18am

Unfortunately, your right. Tax payers are not going to want to fund a new firehouse for 7 calls.

02/02/2012 7:44pm

TOM I am still waiting for you to post my comments from last week. What is the matter ? don't you want your viewers to know what a dead beat and cry baby you are. Why do you have to hide like a mouse behind your family?? Too afraid to come and speak at a town board meeting? afraid you will get the same treatment you dished out for two years? What do they say, what goes around comes around Tom!!! Hope karma returns all the favors to you!!!

01/28/2012 7:09am

Good. So when someone gets into an accident the finger can be pointed at Yancy.

To the others that are saying hes bringing negative attention for a new firehouse? You betcha, and I hope he ruins it for everyone....sorry.

Looking for Truth
01/28/2012 2:37pm

Hey Yancy! Doing the right thing and back off. You're going to make it hard for all fire fighters. Your mouth has caused enough damge. Get a life.

No Yancy Fan
02/06/2012 10:54am

Martino stood up to creeps like Walt Doyle, Bickford, Lown, Serino and Goddard. Let's not forget that he exposed Jim Langan, the self-proclaimed Sanctimonious One, for what he really is: a thief and a deadbeat. They are all wastrels. Martino did something that this town needed to be done for years. He also stood up to the dispicable McArthurs. They tried to control the town through the town board. The McArthurs just don't understand that they are not liked and Yancy's is no longer the supervisor and his political future is quite bleak at best. All of those that Martino stood up to a nothing more than a bunch of loud mouthed bullies. Like all bullies, when it's given back to them, they can't take it.


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