I found the following article to be refreshing...Pompey's had a beef with Yancy. Let's take a look to the extent of dysfunction that occurs at  Town Hall.
Transfer of funds sparks controversy By: Matt Peppe, Staff Reporter 04/07/2006 
 HYDE PARK - Money appropriated by the town but not included in the 2006 budget, which the previous town board passed in November 2005, has created a political firestorm as the town board approved adjustments to balance its books.
Three Republican elected town officials received longevity salary increases and the supervisor received health insurance, although no money was appropriated for those purposes in the budget.
The adopted budget had a tax decrease of more than 10%, as general fund spending was cut sharply by the Republican-led majority.
Budget amendments were approved on March 27 to transfer funds from money marked for the interest in a new police headquarters on Boice Road, health benefits for the supervisor, funding for a planner, and salary for the town clerk, highway superintendent and receiver of taxes.
Supervisor Pompey Delafield criticized the McArthur administration for passing unfunded mandates that by law must now be paid by the current board.
"It's inexcusable to vote for a raise and not cover it in the budget," Delafield said. "The taxpayers didn't get 10% back. Something was pushed off on our board and now has to be paid for. They got a false tax credit that wasn't due to them."
Ann Boehm said she did not agree with the supervisor receiving health benefits because he is a part-time official.
The last supervisor, Yancy McArthur, declined to receive health benefits and did not include a budget line for them in the 2006 budget.
"He didn't feel entitled to accept the perk," Boehm said.
Town justices, who are also part time, receive health benefits through the town. Past supervisors have also taken advantage of the health perks.
Delafield disputed allegations he was trying to "sneak in" the $12,000 worth of benefits and said he works full-time hours and is recognized by New York state as a full-time employee.
"My salary plus benefits is not very great. I don't think it's unreasonable and it's perfectly allowable by law," Delafield said.
The supervisor is paid a salary of $23,806.95 for 2006. With the benefits, the total is $35,901. The secretary to the supervisor receives a salary and benefits totaling $45,595.


To dispute Ms. Ann Boehm's statement, although it is a part-time position, the supervisor generally puts in full-time hours. Even the supervisor's secretary gets paid more than they do!

Seems to me like Yancy was being somewhat of a D-Bag for lack of a better term. Yet  I am not suprised since he allowed to have his family members fraudently register to vote using his home address so they can cast a vote for him (in an election that he did indeed lose despite the illegal votes)