This was a comment in which a reader poised a rather interesting point concerning the integrity of Mr. Walt Doyle and the writers here at the HV Lies wanted to share it the other readers.

Is Walt Doyle Honest?  Walt does not like Martino due to the fact that Martino did his job in making sure that Highway was following town procedure which is something  no other Supervisor did when it came to accounts payable for Highway.  Walt does not like people poking in his business because he does not  want people to find any red flags that could possibly lead to the Walt  fund. There is no hard proof, but the Walt fund is the kick backs that  Walt probably gets from his buddies that do contract work for the town.  I would not be surprised if Walt and some of these contract buddies over  estimate jobs to compensate Walt for his pay cut. How it is that Costa  estimated $185,000 for tree work in Hyde Park and Martino would not go  for it and negotiated $75,000, (less than half). Where do you think that  other money was going ( here you go Walt, here’s $5,000, thanks for  giving me all the tree work in Hyde Park.  After all, there are hundreds  of tree cutting companies in the county. The tree cutting business is  very cut throat, everyone is always trying to under bid anybody for a  dollar. Anyone who has had tree work done knows this information and has  experienced it. So way does Walt only use one tree service? Is Walt  supposed to bid the work out to competitive wage and get bids by  qualified companies? Did he get estimates from other companies or did  Costa give this number because he knew that Walt would only use him and  there would be no other price comparison. Something does not smell  right. Let’s not forget about 15 years ago, Costa cost the town a lot of  money when he marked trees after a storm when he went around and sprayed  the trees with paint. He was supposed to mark the trees that needed to  come down for the other tree crews could identify them. Costa marked the  trees that had to come down with an X and trees that did not have to  come down with an O. I guess he was the only one who knew this  information and they all got cut down due to having paint on them.  (Let’s not forget, Walt was in the Highway Dept. 15 years ago during  this little mix up). You would think a mix up like that would lead the  town to hire someone else. But Walt would not do that for one reason or  another when he became Superintendent. If Walt was too lazy to drive  around in the truck provided to him by the town and do storm damage  estimates and mitigation and properly categorize every tree and branch  that needed to be removed to show the tax payer s were their money is  going, Than Walt should be brought up in front of the board of ethics  for neglect of duty and be removed from duty for not properly  controlling tax payer money. But then again, this is just speculation on  my opinion, you be your own judge to whether you think Walt is an honest  politician when it comes to bidding out jobs with his buddies.